Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Super quick.  I just figured out how to make it so anyone (not just blogger members) can comment. I didn't realize that many of you couldn't.  Feel free to comment away.  I do prefer nice comments rather than mean comments.  In case there is confusion, an example of a nice comment is:  "You look so young you could pass for 15 years old", or a question like, "Wow, you seem so intelligent, are you a genius?'

Just, for instance.

Seriously, though.  I LIVE for comments, so i encourage any and all of them and I am going to try to respond to them as much as I can.    


  1. Hi Emily--Just wanted to tell you I looked through your design photos on the Design Star site and your work is beautiful! (Who can really create a masterpiece w/ a white box and and Asian market anyway!?) Best of luck on the show!!!


  2. haha this is a cute post. you're funny today! Which must mean you're a comic genius.

  3. Love your blog! You can always make me laugh...
    AND you do look so young that you could pass for a 15 year old...AND you are a genius...no question about it! ;-)

  4. Hi!

    I love your blog and read it every day. You are an inspiration to my decoration at home.

    But there is one problem - don't freak out though....
    I'm from Iceland and here we don't have the current season of Design star, do you have any idea of where I can see it? Or will I just have to wait in agony for it to air here?

  5. Hoorah! I've been unable to comment (or had to have it link to my old blog). For the record, I thought you were adorable on the show and loved the idea behind the artwork on the wall :)

  6. Hey Emily...
    Not sure if you ever received my comment from a few weeks ago, but any-hoo this is Jana Efstratis, I grew up with Brian in Fair Oaks and have met you a few times, your wedding being one of them. Anyways long story short, I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks back, through a series of other blogs I follow. I was searching for some wedding flowers for my sister in law, and the next thing I know, I see these photos of this wedding that looked all too familiar, and it was your guys! so fun and such a small world, so anyways from there it took me to here and so on. Basically I just wanted to say hello and tell you that your work is amazing! What a fun and interesting job you have, never even knew something like it existed. Much envy your way... Good luck with everything and I hope all is well with you guys. Take care! Jana



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