Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stylist envy...

Dios Mio, I do love these images.  It's from an old Elle Decor and I think it was featuring a bunch of outdoor furniture/accessories, but  I love the way that it is styled and shot.  

For a product roundup story I think that they took a lot of risks that paid off.  That chair is rad, anyone know who makes it?

Yes, please.  Those magnolia branches make the shot.  kudos to whoever styled this.  If anyone has an idea who's work this is, let me know. I had it clipped out and don't know the sources 
(except that its' an old Elle Decor).


  1. Oh my gosh, i love that cot in the last picture. I've been searching for an old wooden cot like that for a couple of years now but I've never seen one that great. love it, love it.

  2. Okay, now that I'm passed being mortified about living under a rock during the past few months, I just got through checking out a couple of your previous posts I missed. Especially the one about knowing anyone in media who might like to interview you, etc. I happen to work in media. Whadayaknow? Anywho, if you're into it and wanna chat, we should, well chat. Hit me up, yo! Yep, that just happened.

  3. love the quirky stuff in the first image.



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