Monday, June 14, 2010

Sorry guys, i'm still here, but actually super busy hanging out with Spencer and Heidi right now.  i call him Spence.  i'm  going to blog tonight about the show........i almost can't get my head around what to say.  check back later and thank you sooooooooooo much for your support, seriously. Super appreciated.
it was a rough one for me.


  1. Loved you on the show - very cute and real. Can't wait to read what you got to say about it - :)

  2. I thought you were very real and I liked what you did. It did not look like a cheap asian mess like the others.Chin up, your adorable!!

  3. I can't watch video of myself at all - makes me nauseous! You were cute. And now we know you weren't the first one eliminated, so that's good!


  4. ...heidi and spence? is that some reaity show lingo or the actual people. C'mon now ems, let me in on the secret.

  5. Katy, good question about heidi and spence. they are those reality stars that are famous for doing nothing, so i think they are 'real' but not totally sure. look em up. total spectacles

  6. I finished watching it on the dvr. I knew you were safe the minute I saw the hosting video at the end. These shows look for authenticity and honesty. You were genuine, authentic, unrehearsed. Go back and replay what Genevieve (the judge in the middle) said, something about feeling intrigued and wanting to know more from you. The other tape was predictable and sounded rehearsed. Nothing to make a viewer want more. So, you nailed it! Take a bow.



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