Friday, June 11, 2010

Portland Loft Restyle

So i've had these jobs up in P-town lately, and before and after the shoot i've been helping my besty and her betrothed (i want to lead a worldwide mutiny against the word 'fiance', betrothed is back, people) restyle their loft.  Here is their problem - he's a boy and she's a girl.  I suggested that he could become a girl and this problem would fix itself, (I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy), but he's pretty attached to his maleness ( and truth be told, i don't think he'd make a very pretty girl anyway - he is like 6'6" and ripped).  So,  my second suggestion was to try to make their styles work together.  

It started out total bachelor pad (huge black leather sectional, ping pong table, graffiti art - all pretty awesome in a way, and a total dream loft for a dude, but definitely too 'boy') and slowly but surely its becoming a modern loft for two urban sophisticates.  (who talks like that?  oh yeah, i do now, i got all fancy at my crash course in interior design on DS.)  it's how we pitched it to him and he's into it.

These are the inspiration shots that I showed them.  One of their biggest hurdles is how to work in the huge black leather sectional (its amazingly comfortable and a recent purchase).   I scrolled through my files to find tear sheets of large rooms that incorporate a lot of black, and are masculine and feminine at the same time.  
The plan?  Neutral palette with blacks, whites, greys and woods.  Its a kind of american traditonal (her) meets modern industrial (him). and i think  its totally working - i hope, anyway. 
 (but i'm not charging them, so if it doesn't...)

here's what we've bought so far:

For 'him' we got this industrial coffee table from bernadette breau  and for her, the UHMAZING grey pigskin wingback (vintage, just incredible) also from bernadette breau,  -i'm super jealous of this purchase, its insane in person, small scale, comfortable, kinda perfect.
Black and white cowhide:  yes, please.

Black vintage wire chair, from Cargo.  Really blurry (iphone photo no bueno) old train blackboard ($80, a total steal and its really, really big, like 6 feet tall) from this antique salvage place on 13th in sellwood.

They already have an amazing vintage mid-centry danish dining table like the one above - actually even prettier - that 'he' grew up with.  It's r.a.d. and an original (i'll take a pic next time i'm up there) this photo was in their tear sheet package too.
So we got them these chairs:

Six for $400, not bad at all, from The Good Mod.  The cowhide is going under these.
The always practical sideboard for storage, Ikea Tornsby for behind their sofa (to break up the black ) - 
i have it too, and its awesome for the price - $299

Then the West Elm Sweater rug (room view, left) in this grey/white colorway. 
 They love how it looks, but it is shedding - lo siento.  i didn't know.  

I didn't take pictures of the art, accessories and pillows that we got but i will next time i'm up.  We are almost done  - we need to add color/metallics. I think we are going with some dark eggplants (or shall i say 'aubergines' for the fancy readers) and pretty silver, metal or mirrored boxes, stools, accessories.    Easiest job (- I use that word loosely) ever - they already have great style, they just needed someone to make it coherent and to force them to spend money
  - and i'm truly incredible at making people spend money.
  call it a knack.

When it's finished i'm gonna get a photographer up there to take pics. 


  1. looks like a great start. a friend and I got a trailor-load full of those industrial carts from an old mill here in the south and sold them to antique and new furniture stores. wish we had 100 more.

    do take more pics....

  2. LOVE the wood color and texture of the cart to break up the black and white. I'm dying to put some huge jars of fresh flowers (not "styled" though) and some colors in the accessories or maybe curtains... yellow and teal maybe. Looking forward to seeing the finals. :)

  3. great pics, love these. that black chair is awesome!

  4. Wow looking great so far. I am excited to see the after pics! I think a lot of rugs from west elm, CB, ikea, etc shed at first. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum, and then vacuum some more. It should stop after awhile. Annoying but hey the price's right.

  5. Thanks guys,
    Elisa - good to know. i'll pass on the tip.

  6. I adore your work! I just discovered your blog b/c of Design Star and I'm so happy that I did. Have fun at the premiere party manana. The blue couch is absolutely divine.

  7. I just love your work, and your blog! Thank you for sharing.

    I have the West Elm sweater rug in grays, and it sheds like CRAZY. I'm pretty bummed that it got so fuzzy in a short amount of time, but I love it still. And it is w.a.r.m.



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