Sunday, June 27, 2010

oh. boy. oh. boy. i get so excited I haven't watched it yet, waiting for friends.  but i'm on the twitter party and i'm psyched.  I, however, don't know how to join the twitter party, do you guys?  do I just put #designstar in the body of the tweet?  I love the behind the scenes info that the winner was not a unanimous vote.  that's why you join the twitter party.  oh and white wine spritzers will be served at my viewing party.  because i'm that cool.
and classy.
and cheap.

and no more delays, i'm trying to figure out what direction this blog thing is going, so sorry about the 3 days off.  i'm back.  in action.  ready to blog so hard.


  1. Hmmm... so I was buying the conspiracy theory that you weren't blogging anymore about DS cuz you're the winner and HGTV put the kabash on you talking up the show and maybe accidentally spilling the beans. No?

  2. what is your birthday? I'm very much into astrology ever since I could remember. simply curious.. i can't quite pinpoint what you are just by watching you on DS. ~ Autumn

  3. I'm somewhat relieved you didn't post about the show yet. It's on at 11pm here in Colorado and I couldn't stay awake to see the end (because I'm that cool). I stopped watching after I saw which team won - wink wink. I mean this in the kindest, pretending-we're-already-friends way: Your clapping makes me chuckle every time.

  4. mm - I was thinking the same thing!

  5. vern is creeping me out lately...
    Hoping you do well on the show--you're easygoing, laid back--whereas some of the other contestants drive me nuts. Best of luck!

  6. The best part (actually, it's the WORST and why do they do it??!) is when the judges "conference" after watching the video hosting. You all can hear them, can't you?! And I'm sure they have a decision made's so unnecessary and SO stupid to watch. Don't the two bottom contestants want to yell "HELLO! we're right here--we're IN THE ROOM!" geesh. Best of luck to you--you're a breath of fresh air.

  7. what the what Ems? let's hear the dirt. For the record (SPOILER ALERT) that stupid squiggly line Nina did was sofa king weetaded. you were totally right. I don't understand the judges. they have TERRIBLE taste. even the blogger on the HGTV page agreed with you. it looked amateurish etc. is she gonna draw on the walls in every challenge? I'm worried that you won't get the attention you deserve because, clearly, the judges' taste level is not very high. if that is the case, then that is very respectable because the rest of america knows that you have good taste and is scratching its head on what the judges are thinking.

    also - way to be ballsy.

  8. go to and then type in designstar and you don't have to bother using the hashtags :-) WOOHOO



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