Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How do we feel about putting outdoor chairs inside?  always been a fan, just wasn't sure if it was my 'rural' roots taking hold - although I guess that would be more inside furniture outside,....oh dear.  
finishing up work shooting Susan Wigg and her house, so so so lovely.  Many of you know my not-so-secret dream of becoming a romance novelist, and this definitely didn't discourage me.  She is unbelievably down to earth, sweet, generous with her home (she made us snacks all day) and you get used to her wearing a corset after the first few hours.  I just picked up 'The girl with the dragon tattoo' but perhaps I can squeeze in 'Summer of Love' on the plane, autographed copy even.   

left:  Sundance catalogue, right:  shot by Melanie Acevedo probably for Domino


  1. Hey! I just picked up "the girl with the dragon tattoo" too. Light reading it is not. So excited to see you on Design Star. Glad Susan Wiggs went well :)

  2. Ok- You have the coolest job i must say, Great Design-style you do have- JUST love it -so inspires me to shop more... Love it. Just became a Follower- will chk bk for more-

  3. This is one of my favorite looks - especially in a kitchen with kids. Love it.



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