Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Going to the dark side.

Digging these dark walls with crazy pops-o-color.  Orange/red ladder?  ish do think so.

Borderline garish, but i like most everything individually.  You know that somebody really 'wacky' lives here - like Jonathan Adler, Patricia Field or Carrot Top.  and they wear bow-ties, with suspenders. and shorts.  and I bet they have a weird small hairless dog that they kiss on the mouth.  maybe.

This is one of those that looks good on first view, but actually I don't really like anything here, save the coffee tables that orange pillow and kinda that big mirror.  But there is something still beautiful about the room as a whole, right? or am i seduced by a good photo?   maybe.  i get seduced easily. 
(first pic via Design Files, 2nd an old Elle Decor, dunno about the third)


  1. i posted that first photo a few days ago, too! it must be true what people say...great minds do think alike ;p

  2. I remember the room with the ship it from Cynthia Rowley's home? I'm pretty sure it was designed by Jonathan Adler! Ha!

    Mrs. Limestone (who I'm pretty sure also reads this blog) recently posted a room with that same chandelier (well, the cheaper, Z. Gallerie version). It's out there, but I appreciate quirkiness. :)

  3. That ship chandelier in the second photo makes me want to cry tears of joy. Colin has asked politely that I limit our new house to one ship piece from my collection, which is like asking me to chose between my parents: they're neurotic and tacky, yes, but I love them equally!!! What's a girl to do???

  4. I love this post. I painted my living room a dark dark blue/green, but something didn't feel right. Now I see that it needs a bit of bright. Thanks for the pictures!

  5. love those blue curtains more than words. is that a photo of Eva Peron over the mantle? If so, then it's definitely Carrot Top's pad. How you think Adler and Field feel about you pairing them with Carrot Top?

  6. i like the mirror in the purple room....maybe the color....but i did find at least one thing, holla, i might be alone in that but i liked

  7. lordy, girl, even your commenters are witty. I need to step it up when I come ova here...

    you know Ima Neutral Gal but I do love that JA room - all except that ship chandelier (but it looks like I am in the minority with that opinion). those wonderful color combos kill me and that portrait sends me over the top. Someone NEEDS to confirm if that is Eva Peron....I'd love to know....

  8. The room with the crystal ship belongs to Nannette Lapour. Her whole house is amazing. He daughters bedroom is great as well.



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