Friday, June 18, 2010

The love between a woman and her lampshades.

Check out these beauties.

I want to hug and tickle them I love them so much.  They are vintage 60's or 70's capiz shell and brass handmade shades that I bought from Bernadette Breau in Portland.  I got both for $60 and I didn't know what I was going to do with them but I had to buy them.  (it was one of those once-in-a-lifetime-i've-never-seen-these-before-and-they-are-soooo-me purchases that don't really have a place in my apartment yet)  Needless to say these are not exactly Brian's favorite kind of purchases and perhaps I often don't tell him about them, and just sneak them quietly into my hoarding closet, only to be debuted when he wakes up one morning and he literally doesn't even notice it.  It's baffling to me.  I mean, when we got the new sofa (which I only kinda told him about), he was like 'did you rearrange in here?' and I looked at him, not sure if he was serious, but yep he was, and he didn't even notice the BRAND NEW BLUE SOFA.  Hilarious.  He will however, notice immediately if I accidentally un-record the Met game and record instead a Real Housewives reunion show.  That he notices.

POINT IS:  i've decided to switch out my bedside table lamps into these hanging gems on some chain that I will not try to hide - nope.  These are what I have now (above).  I think you can literally see Brian's sleeping reflection in them.  He thinks i've lost it ever since I got back from the show.  I wake up at 6am every morning with a new project around the house to start.  (this may include organizing my magazine by type, title and date, or reupholstering my headboard - see above- or making new throw pillows, painting the wall turquoise (which I regret, btdubs) etc etc, like a complete loon)  Anyhoo, these were from Target and were left over from a shoot (well one was chipped so I couldn't return it, the other I bought to match). I think they are super pretty and  I'm going to keep them, but Mr and Mrs capiz shell are taking over this space for a while,  if they work scale wise with my vintage baker nightstands that I refinished (not so well, but they were $7 each at a junk shop in the valley -i'll take proper pictures soon).

I also bought this 70's hanging light at the prop house in the valley that closed down. I got it for $30, and rewired it a couple of days ago - by myself-ish, the guys at Anawault lumber are soooooo helpful.
I think it was originally inspired by these two pics, which I love:

Left is anthropologie, and the right is from via A perfect grey

 If you want a good re-wiring tutorial, my besty did a blog post about it a while ago and its super helpful. She is also the one that threw the premiere get together last week, why?  because she is the best, that's why.  Her blog is supes funny, too and she does Design Star reviews on mondays as well.

Here's an interview that I did this week, by an old Coos Bay family friend Rachel Parker Bishop on her media review web-site.  Check it out.


  1. yeah. the shades are terrific and that price?...well, I almost don't believe you on that one. do post pics of the hanging light(s) when they are done but what I am really interested in are the baker side tables. man, can you score or what...?

    you good after all that show fall out? you really came off as super cool and artsy and my hubs said, 'hey, look at it this way...she made the top 11...'

    been reading your blog a while...before you were featured on Velven and Linen with their shoot, before we started seeing your styled mag covers, and before we knew you were gonna be on the show. we're not going anywhere...

  2. Beautiful shades. My husband can only tell if I've bought a new nighty based on whether I've been shopping lately because he wouldn't have any idea if he's seen it before. And I've got half a tiny closet, so if I've got it, I've worn it.

    I finally caught the first episode of Design Star and crossing my fingers that you'll stick around. I haven't been reading your blog long, but a few weeks at least! I really liked your art on the episode.

  3. LOVE those shades. Love them. I also love your current bedside lamps (we got one of those for our wedding and it's in the reading corner of our bedroom). You're officially my idol.

  4. you're not the only serial design bargain finder that keeps things in closets. it's a small sacrifice to keep our lives beautiful and budget-friendly, I'd say. :)

  5. Gorgeous capiz lightshades and a bargain price too! Love them :)

  6. Love that you sneak things in to your apartment. I usually stage things in my hoarder's car and then the garage and finally the house. It's not pretty but it generally works out.

    P.S. Loving your show recaps. You look fantastic on TV.

  7. I would tickle them too.. those shades are fabulous!



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