Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the real reason i want kids...

New(est) wallpaper obsessions.  by Katie Ridder.  Boats in my sons room, leaves in my bedroom.  Done and done.  (sometimes i worry that the main reason i want kids is to decorate their rooms. normal, right? kidding, mom, just kidding)
Oh and this one, too.
By Trove.  Yes, it is a bunch of opera balconies.  It's a bit dark, but could be great in an office or hallway.   ooh, yes a hallway.
My new sofa is arriving today.  Navy blue, 1960's, tufted goodness, and easy on the pocketbook.  Thanks to The Good Mod in Portland.   don't worry, will def post manana. totes post.


  1. Post us up some hipstamatics of that sofa. I popped over to The Good Mod - looks cool...

    We're starting to see you on some commercials for Design Star. I keep hopping up and down, 'see? THERE!....there she is...!'

    Looking forward to it, babe...

  2. Glad you like your sofa Emily!
    Thanks for the shoutout.

  3. Just found your blog - Love your style! This made me laugh b/c after teaching elementary school for 7 years, I realize that by far, my favorite part that energized me the most, was designing/decorating the room! 3 kids later, I do love creating spaces for them, but I love them too!



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