Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wahoo!!! A New Magazines in the Hizouse. (with pictures of hizouses)

Ok so in case you are dead or otherwise, well, "working all day" and "not checking the blogs constantly", a new on-line shelter magazine launched yesterday. 

It's awesome.  Oh and look....huh, that's weird...what a coincidence....I have a story in it....styled and written by me.  I rarely read the articles in magazines myself, i'm a much better "picture reader" in general, but check it out if you are up to "words" and "sentences".

I use very few big words, i promise.   Unless you consider 'wallpaper' a big word.

I'm not gonna post the whole story on my blog, this is just the first two pages. 
(of 10 plus pages, and a  VIDEO) 
You must check it out by clicking here, starting on page 138.

In the story you get to see me hang out with some of my best friends:  Brian (he's the best of all my friends), our LA best friends Ian, Corbett, Leigh, and their best friends from Texas Anne and Andre, and our other great longtime friend Enver and his lovely lady Christine.  There were like 30 people in our teeny apartment with photo equipment, lights, food, fashion, makeup/hair everywhere.  Kinda a nightmare production-wise but nobody cared because it was super fun. 

Shot by the awesome David Tsay
Fiore beauty did our hair and makeup.
The Life Styled (hi, Catherine) put awesome clothes and jewelry on us.

So please check it out.  
And look at the whole magazine.  
My friend, Jen's company Ban-do has an alternate reality 80's party story that makes you want to eat sequins and shove cupcakes in your cupcake.

My secret mission in D.C. is almost finished.  
I ran into Jason Bourne. 

oh, and he also likes blue.
but he does not like princess sleeves. we talked. 


  1. I think the issue turned out super cute!

  2. I just checked out Rue. I really like it. Your party piece was pretty cool. Really love that wallpaper! I'm into the paper for the walls lately.

  3. Love love your feature! Rue is pretty spectacular:)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. loved your story and rue!! now when is "secrets of a stylist" going to air regularly? i'm impatiently :)

  6. Congratulations! Loved the spread, and am absolutely OBSESSED with your wallpaper!

    Happy Friday!

  7. The story is adorable.
    I hope you write and style more!
    Are you styling for the Obamas?
    Michael Smith has tight lid on that house ha ha.
    xo xo

  8. I am extremely impresses with the first issue of Rue and your story was super fun! As was the story. They are doing just what I am working towards so in a way, it was a little inspiration for me.

  9. My comment has nothing to do with your post (although Rue seems like a great place to feature an article!) but instead to tell you, rather thank you, for being a great designer with a great voice! It's refreshing to see some wit rolled into humor packaged and tied with a vintage bow as the newest member of the public eye.

  10. Loved your article and everything about RUE.

  11. Gorgeous. This thought has been rattling around in my brain for a while: why haven't you had more exposure before now? I think HGTV has got a HUGE star in their hands with you....and I hope you milk it for all its worth.

    I'm so excited to see what comes next and thrilled to have this "access" to you. Rock on w/ your bad self!

  12. congrats to you and rue for an awesome collaboration. will be looking forward to future issues! :-)

  13. Rue is amazing, I'm so happy it's come out. And your story is lovely!

  14. I love that magazine! All the photographs are vibrant! All the outfits are retron inspired.. Ooo lovin' it.

  15. Checked out RUE yesterday. Everything about it was awesome. I bookmarked and will look at it again and again...patiently waiting for the next issue.
    Your writing style is so refreshing. <3 you!

  16. i love how your personality really shines through in your writing, and the article in rue was no exception.
    plus, you look smashing in that red dress!

  17. A SATISFYING amount of photos in that mag...

  18. So excited to find your great blog! I found you through twitter! Following!


  19. Just discovered your blog through one called Mostaza Seed. She posted images of your office and I knew we were potentially twins separated at birth. (just kidding-I'm not the stalker variety of fruitcake) Anyways, like what you have going on here. :) Erica

  20. I AM the stalker variety... I'm stalking your blog. It's Monday and I NEED my flea market fix. Where are you???

  21. The party in Rue looked super sweet, though I bet pics from the tipsy hangout at the bar afterward would have been just as entertaining. :)

    When is Secrets from a Stylist back on? I refuse to delete the pilot from my DVR until I have more! Is there somewhere on we should petition for another one SOON? Loved it!

  22. Emily,

    I created a fan page/group for you on FB. I hope you don't mind, but if you do, I'll take it down. Or if you want admin privileges or something let me know (you can contact me via the group which should be easy to find).


  23. Gotta say I'm loving all these new mags - Rue is fantastic. And yep - I'm like you, a picture "reader"!!



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