Friday, September 24, 2010

I do not look like Judith Light, thank you very much.

So Ian tells me often that i dress like Angela from Who's the Boss.  And then he goes off in Tony's bronxian accent, ', JOna...tan..........SamAn........ta'.  Which is hilarious. 

But saying that I dress like Judith Light is not.

NO way. 

Except I just bought this dress which has shoulder pads  
(which i wore this week for the blogger lunch and the RUE party)
 It's by Joie and you can find it here.  Yes its slightly 80's, but not like this:

I always protest and say that I dress more 70's, less 80's and he says I dress like Angela circa '83 but still wearing her late '70's clothes. which i find quite specific,  and i don't totally understand.  and then i remind him that he is a straight man who wears rodeo pants and gold medallions.  everyday. 

So in my defense, here are my latest '70's inspired fashion pics.  not 80's, mind you, the 70's
Dsqared2 tennis blouse.  and can not find where to buy it for the life of me, so if anybody knows, please help me out.  I need this shirt.

Emersonmade bluebells.  These are on their way in the mail and that makes me very very very happy. 
Buy them here
I bought my first vintage coach purse when i was 16 and wore it for 5 years.  
I'm not a handbag chick, and i hate the branding aspect of them, but Coach did it so well in the 70's -just leather and the necessary hardware to keep it together.  
I still have the one that i rocked for years, but its pretty beat up. 
So last week in New York I bought this one:
Pure and simple design and function.  and with a bit of brass thrown in there.

And maybe i'll top it off with this shirt from etsy:

With either these vintage 70's frye boots (which i can't find) or these new ($100) wedges from Lucky:

Yep.  The 70's.  
I hope i proved my point, but pretty sure that I didn't.
Am I the only one that secretly wants to look like Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver?

sans the shirt-thing and the hat, but just the overall vibe, right?


  1. I saw a pic of you in that dress and I thought you looked incredible. Who cares about the decade when you look that good.

  2. I love that dress! That print is to die for. 70's or 80's... I'm no expert, but I know that I would potentially kill for those Frye boots.

  3. Oh sure, you're a decor stylist AND a snappy dresser! Can you please make over my house AND my warddrobe? And yes, you rocked that dress.

    BTW, next chance you get, go to Coach and have your bag condition and buy the condition to do it at home. That bag will last you 20 years (I'm a Coach whore and former employee!)

  4. will fight you for those Emersonmade bluebells...

  5. It did seem more 70's to me. I think it was the way you paired it with the tights, belt and brown shoes.

    Whatevs you looked hot.

  6. oh honey you are singing my song here! and I have managed to replicate that Jodie Foster outfit (sans hat)and rock it on the beach.

    The boots are an excellent choice which I hope you're combing ebay for, but Frye's also got some new boots that are remarkably similar.

  7. You're so fun. Go on with your bad self.

  8. I JUST saw a re-run of 'Who's The Boss' last week! I could totally hear your friend imitating Tony. So awesome. I also thought it was weird that Angela wore ribbons in her hair at her age.

  9. I think you need to listen to Ian. He obviously is a man with fashion sense.

  10. You have great personal style. I lived through the '80's, trust me, your look doesn't even come close to the train wreck that was 80's fashion. I do secretly long for big hair to come back in style though, I look sooo much better with big hair!

  11. I can see his point, but not the way you think...
    I think Angela was very in style for the time and maybe you dress how Angela would dress now, like if we transplanted Angela from the 80's to present time. ??? I love your style :D

  12. I was in LA a few years ago visiting a friend who was working as a stage hand on a play starring Tony Danza. The night I went to the play Judith Light was there wearing a really REALLY beautiful embroidered black coat. I liked it so much that I considered complimenting her on it, but then some guy pulled the "I'm a big fan of yours" line and I thought maybe just remarking on her outerwear would seem weird. ANYWAY, you take that Judith Light business as a compliment and remind your hubby who has 26 episodes of her own tv show in the works.

  13. I love the 70s and have a few things that are from that decade but most of my wardrobe is 60ish. I'm just drawn to stuff from that era. But shoes with a 70s style are definitely the way to go.

  14. Well if you have to pick a decade the 70's are definitely better than the 80's. And those Emersonmade jeans are pretty awesome. :)

    Mandy @ This Girl's Life

  15. That bag and boots are beautiful! And I don't think you look like Judith Light :)

    It was great meeting you this week in NY! Can't wait to see your show!!!

    xo Jade

  16. Whether your look is channeling the 70's or 80's it totally works! Just loving those divine Frye boots- so fabulous!

  17. I lived the 70s as a 20-something! Still love some of the looks. Unfortunately, I grew out of them. Now working on losing so I can get back there! OH, I'm also a huge fan of black tights! Saw the dress on Lakeitha's blog...LOVE IT!

  18. I wouldn't take crap from a man who wears rodeo pants and gold medallions. gay or straight...

  19. Embrace the Mona!!! Who's the Boss was awesome.

  20. I have all these clothes in my closet and I still wear them.
    btw Congrats on the 26! episodes, and your age.
    xo xo

  21. Frye's Jane boot is just like the one you are looking for. Check them out here:

  22. You have such a fun version of good taste that you will "make it work"
    All artistic people reinterpret their surroundings including clothes...

  23. wow, cool vintage clothing, i never knew if vintage clothing could be worn as contemporary clothing and look so good on the users!!

  24. overall, i feel that etsy shirt is so 100% spot on Emily Henderson and i love, love, love it! I can even see it being translated well into a room. hmmmm, DEFINITELY don't see any similarity to judith light [although i totally adore her] but i would totally have faith you could make early 1980's kick major ass. PS, I second what Sketch42blog says. H-O-T.

  25. Emily,
    Off topic of the clothes, but given your former profession, thought you might be amused...
    Catalog Living takes styled catalog shots and makes up captions trying to figure out who lives in those environments.

  26. E,
    First time visitor from Southern Hospitality love your site. Wish you had an email option for subscribing. I've no time to run through anything but email.
    Enjoyed my visit! Personally, I lived through the seventies, really don't want to go back... but you rock it girl and have fun with it.

  27. Emily, it was a true highlight to have been able to meet and chat with you at the HGTV luncheon. Your dress was gorgeous, a perfect mix of vintage and femininity and am so happy to see its source here. Thanks for taking the time to join us in our events last week, it really made it just that much more special for me.



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