Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So sorry.  Post is coming.  just have conference calls all morning (and a crazy last few days).  

But the post might involve:
 My relationship with Nate Berkus, 
Meeting a ton of awesome bloggers the last couple days - people who i've read for years and love, 
or a wedding that i was just in.

Please come back later today.  
Por Favor.


  1. Ahhhh... so glad you are back! I've been missing my 'quirk fix.

  2. I so wish I could have gotten to meet you... I was there yesterday!! During the break I wanted to run up to you and say Emily! It's me, Bryn! haha. But that would have been a bit psychotic.

  3. can't wait to see the post!!!

    ps. I LOVE Nate

  4. Hi Emily! Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment :). Yes, I sat by you at the show and tried to catch your eye a few times to say hi (and compliment your adorable shoes) but you seemed focused girlfriend! LOl! I would be nervous too. I have to say that your segment totally rocked, but I wish they would have taken more time to focus on the details of your design. The before was so detailed (and hideous) and the after deserved some serious LOVE. I wanted to see if those side tables were painted. I wanted to hear the exact shades of paint you used on the walls. I wanted to see a recap of the process you took to get from hoarder, to sorter, to order, to awarder (okay that was a bit cheesy, but you get me)! Just was hoping for more! Congrats on your win and for all that is coming your much-deserved-way. (Also feel free to delete this comment. I would've emailed but your profile isn't linked. :)

  5. Hi Emily!
    Great to see you at the Nate Show! Loved what you did for the Snows (and how adorable is that couple by the way!). I just loved Mrs Snow despite all her quirky (ahem hideous) bunnies, etc. You handled it beautifully without insulting her. Congrats on the segment, and on your next 26 episodes!



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