Thursday, September 9, 2010

I need a blogging intern. Yes i do.

I don't know how to do a blog 'button' so I'm just going to dedicate my thursday evening post to this:

It's the new online magazine that is dropping next week.  I have an entertaining story in it, and so does my friend's (Jen Gotch) company, Ban-do.

Support people, support.  

Pretty pictures don't pay for themselves, people have to read magazines for them to stay in business and for photographers and stylists to keep working. 
Ok, my lecture is officially over.


No, i'm not shouting, just excited. 

Someone who knows what they are doing in blogging world.  They probably can post videos, get sponsers, social network media stuff and help me blog when i start to get crazy busy. 

Unfortunately I need someone with experience and references, in both blogging, computers, photoshop, etc. and they need to love home style.  So PLEASE only apply if you have those things - otherwise i would hire my husband....or Bearcat, i need someone with skills that i don't necessarily have, but with the style obsession that i do have - and i know you guys are out there.    

I am redoing my blog and web-site right now, thanks to Squarespace, but I know that soon i won't be able to dedicate as much time to it and I want someone who can be my right hand man.  
Someone who has been in the blogging world for a while, knows how to research online, post everything, upside down if need be and has a personality.  

Obviously this could lead to other opportunities.

LA based is necessary, sorry.  If I don't find anyone here, then yes, I will post this again, i promise.

But it would be crazy for me not to try to find someone who i can meet and work with face to face.

It will start as an internship, 10 hours a week, with credit, of course and mad linkage to your blog.  
And hopefully it will be a crazy success for both of us and lead to more things.

I set up an email just for this, and will check it often for a while, but it isn't my main email (i'm working on getting one just for the blog as we speak) So if you email this address in 2 weeks, don't get mad if I don't get back to you because i may not check it too often.

As you can probably tell, personality is important and resumes bore me.  I'm not saying to not send a resume,  but you know what i'm saying - let me know about you.  

 And most importantly don't forget to link to your blog. and if you don't have a blog, then 'blogging assistant' probably isn't the best fit for me right now.

I can't wait!!!


  1. I don't know how to make a blog button either! Someone asked me for a one of my blog buttons earlier this year and I was so embarrased that I didn't know how to make one, ha! So when you find this amazing intern maybe they can teach us all ;)

  2. So glad you're using Squarespace! That's what I use and love it. You can customize so much, and I can't wait to see how you make it fabulous. And if I were 22, single, and mobile, I would move to LA so I could apply to be your blog intern. I'm totally sane though. I hope though that you don't disappear too much! Your voice can't be replaced around here.

  3. I want to be your blogging intern. Problem is, I'm 25, live in Dallas, have no talent and need a six figure salary.

    Let me know if you're interested.

  4. Ahhh. Wishful thinking. Dallas-ish is a wee distance from LA. So, can't intern. But Rue ~ I can do! And so I will. ~ Angela

  5. Man... I'd love to help you cause I love blog design and you! Unfortunately I'm not "certified" in blog crap! I do live close to LA though... Wishful thinking... Good luck!

  6. I know we have to let you go since you're fabtastic (and a soon to be breakout reality tv design master/star) but my heart hurts a little bit to lose THE emily henderson daily in all her lovely glory!

  7. Good luck finding your right hand's not easy. I had an intern for a bit, but they had to move on..will be looking for another sometime end of this year. Want to apply? Just kidding. :)
    Jen Ramos

    p.s. So glad you won DS......!

  8. Just discovered your blog, and this ad... I would have loved to do just that... Looks like you would be a great mentor too... but living in Singapore at the moment won't help... hope you find the right person soon :)

  9. I think you need an interior design intern, yes you do. No, but if you did I would hop on a plane in an instant to get the experience of a lifetime considering I gots to do it next summa! Hot diggidy.
    Just sayin.
    The End.

  10. Hey there,
    A friend of mine sent me your link:) I have a blog my site is Please take a look!

    Your site looks great. I started blogging in Feb but I have been journaling and traveling for the last three years, documenting my life, thoughts, experiences and situations. I hope you will see something you like!



  11. Are you SURE you don't want to have your show in Portland? Even with shameless bribery of voodoo donuts and stumptown coffee? Dang.

  12. Hi Emily!

    As someone who'd been rooting for you since Day 1 of DS, I'd love to talk to you about this amazing opportunity! I've been blogging for years, although only recently starting to do it for a job. Pay no attention to the design of my website, I'm currently working at and we're overhauling it all.

    Anyways, I'm currently based in Boston (although from LA originally), and could certainly do anything that you've asked for remotely. Would love to at least chat with you and maybe meet up next time I'm in LA!


  13. I am obsessed with home styling, have read virtually your entire blog (does that help) am a graphic designer, and understand quickly all things computerish, designish, and bloggish. Too bad I don't live in LA. It would be so much fun!


  14. And website-ish. Don't forget websiteish.

  15. Ohhh, what an exciting opportunity!! I will be emailing you shortly ;)

  16. I so wish I could help! This job sounds perfect-- unfortunately, I'm not in LA! Best of luck :)
    xx fallon

  17. Oh I would suck at that - but it would be super fun!

    Good luck finding an intern!

  18. I suggest you post this with local colleges like UCLA and USC for design or interior design graduate students...

  19. "have your people call my people" --can you even believe you need an intern??!! Are you just crazy pinching yourself over what's happened to your life in the last few months--best of luck in the quest.

  20. man, my husband and three young kids are so selfish...
    they are not excited about the idea of me packing up in the middle of the night and relocating to LA to be your blogging intern. huh??
    if it weren't for them, i would totally be there.
    good luck, though.
    i am sure you will find someone worthy...

  21. Girls with glasses just did an interview with the gals from ban-do on youtube! They are too cute! Figures you know them!

  22. Hello Emily, can you help me? I like your blog. I am desperate to look for "a soft neutral gray" (relax & soothing tone/ not too warm) for my contemporary living room facing west with big windows. Can you help? I am searching for month with so many gray... today I found more "gray" in my hairs :> Many thanks!!

  23. Emily, so excited for your DS win, your new show, and other awesome adventures ahead of you! Too bad I'm in Boston, or I would be begging for this opportunity to intern with you. Love your style, love your voice; hope you can find someone worthy to convey that charm to the masses!

  24. oh, blog buttons are divine.
    & i love your blog.

    if you don't find an intern in LA,
    can i apply?
    that would be oh so lovely.

  25. Hi Emily,

    Are you taking on clients? My husband and I live in Portland and are about to remodel our 1928 English cottage and would love to have some help designing the interiors for the entire house once the construction is finished. What's the best way to connect?

    Megan Nicholls

  26. Hi Emily!

    Love your blog, and congrats on the DS win! I am a blogger/ photographer based in Vegas. I would consider myself pretty blogging and technologically (is that a word?) savvy. I'm pretty handy with photoshop and illustrator too. I've got 4 kiddos and love design and art of all kinds. My husband is job hunting right now and we do love Cali, but for now we are here. If you are up for someone who will need to commute a little or do things via computer for a while, check out my stuff and see if I'm a fit. Thanks!


  27. get over yourself you stupid bitch

  28. i envy your future blogging intern...what an opportunity! unfortunately, i'm on the east coast :)

    you have no idea how giddy i got when you commented on my blog...thanks!

    ummm this person above me is an asshole...just wanted to point that out.

    happy intern hunting!

  29. um...hello Miss Woman in Red in RUE...gorgeous!



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