Sunday, July 11, 2010


tonight tonight tonight tonight.

how do you all live without being able to see yourself on tv?  its like the whole tree-falls-in-a-forest-thing, i'm not totally sure that i'm alive until sunday nights at 7 or 10.  then i tune on to HGTV and.....

Ah, here I am.

Down to nine.  who do you guys want to go home?  who do you think is going home?
come back for the scoop tomorrow - or tuesday.  got an early call time tomorrow so not sure i'll be able to wrap my little foggy brain around it at 6am.


  1. Good luck Emily! Play nice with Nina. :-)

    If I had to guess, I'd say Alex is next on the chopping block. Too bad, because he seems to be a nice guy, and he has a warm smile that comes across well on camera. He just doesn't seem to be up to the challenge posed by the other designers. I'm rooting for him and you to come up with designs that put Nina and Courtland on their heels.


    here are the things I can't believe about this week's episode:
    1. I can't believe how well Alex did in his video and that he got to stay 'cause he is definitely the weak link.
    2. I cannot believe that nina did yet another mural.
    3. Cant believe sweet Dan went home. looks like he's winning fan fave though.
    4. cannot believe that nina let her knees be seen unclothed. OMG - as if she's not revolting enough! i had nightmares.
    5. finally, i can't believe how much I really dislike the judges. at least this week they judge y'all individually.

    what i can believe is how awesome you did! way to go! LOVED the whole room (minus the mural). The color was amazing - who picked that out. picking out paint is so hard! Your pillows were perfection, as were your sheers. can't wait to see what you do next week!!!

  3. "who do you guys want to go home?"

    I just watched. I was hoping to see either Michael, Courtland, Tom, Alex, Dan, Nina, Stacey, or Casey go home.

  4. Hello. You might remember me when I played the role "Anonymous" a few minutes ago. I've decided to go to all the effort of remembering the email address and password for this feckless account to give the gift of one more follower.

  5. I didn't read any blogs until I could watch the show this morning. Of the shows that have shown thus far, I think last night's was the best edited...we actually got to see you all working this time. Whew!

    I understand why the judges sent Dan home, but I think they had plenty reason to send all four of the designers in the bottom group home.

  6. So glad to see you starting to shine and stand out, Emily. Can't believe that your space didn't win...or that they chose to not even pick one! Lame. I've written a complete review on my blog and included a fabulous photo of you and your work and I know my readers would love to hear you comment on the post. You ARE a celebrity now, ya know. ;) Also, I'm having a great giveaway this week...6 Stella & Dot stylists are featured and each are giving away a great piece of jewelry. Come on over and enter for a chance to win one!
    Keep up the great work, Emily, and I'll be checking back to hear your take on episode 4.

  7. "look who's come out to play"--oooh,Emily---I'm sensing a judge's favorite. Hope so anyways. Bummer about the "man"...:(



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