Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sorry for being so MIA.  i've been shooting a fashion catalogue in Malibu which grants me a lovely hour and fifteen minute commute each way to add on to my 12 hour shooting day - darn you summer for having so many hours of light.  but the shoot ends tomorrow, so i'll be back, obsessed with Design Star and my impending fame.

tonights episode has to do with firemen.  it is one one my favorites, for sure.  I love love love firemen.  When we are all running outta the building, they are running in.  just that general concept amazes me.  Cops give you tickets or break up the party, but firemen just help when needed.  they are universally adored.   thanks FDNY.

sososososososo excited.


  1. Yes, the LA commutes I remember those. Totally agree about the firemen, my brother is one in LA. We run from the about-to-explode car, they run toward it. Love you on the show:)

  2. Looking forward to the show tonight...have to tape it as I will be out at a wine event in Lodi. I know you will have continued to surprise everyone in a great way!

  3. Emily,
    Looking forward to the show tonight. I just posted an interview with Nina on my blog and would love to do one with you if you think you might have the time. I'd be happy to email you the questions. Just let me can find all my info at

  4. Oh! And I'm giving away 6 pieces of Stella & Dot jewelry and taking entries until midnight tonight with winners being announced tomorrow. If anyone is interested, feel free to check my blog for details! Have a great Sunday. :)

  5. " looks different when it's burning different things. Okay, Emily, we want you to design a room that might look "blue" when it starts to burn. And, we just don't want the color blue..." :) just kidding. Why is it that all firemen are so gosh darn that a requirement?
    Good Luck!

  6. spoiler alert -
    I just had my design star moment of joy. ding dong the witch is dead!!!

  7. Hello Emily,

    I've been following this season of Design Star and rooting for you the whole way, however, I'm slightly upset by your throwaway comment about cops. I'm not quite sure what to think of it, but I'm hoping your intention is just plain firefighters are universally adored, not, firefighters deserve to be adored more because cops break up parties and give tickets. If that's the case though, I don't think mentioning the police was necessary and it gives the wrong impression.



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