Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I scheduled a day of watching TV today.  all day.  can i return your phone calls? nope, sorry i'm booked.  meet for lunch? oh i apologize, but i'm unavailable all day.  i'm  not even allowing myself to leave the sofa.  the amount of television i'm about to watch is gonna be sick.  i just finished When in Rome (being a huge veronica mars fan i can't say no to the adorableness of Kristen Bell).  it was certifiably indescribably stupid.

i started 'The Bounty Hunter' but i couldn't last 20 minutes.

help me help me.

i need movie recommendations. i prefer something where pretty people fall in love. or cry.  one or the other.    ooh!! or dancing.  a la Step Up.

nothing with words at the bottom of the screen.  nothing with comic book heros.  and if ryan gosling or robert pattinson happened to be involved, i would be very grateful.

and for the record i worked like 23 days straight.  i deserve this day- which is what i keep quietly chanting to myself.  over and over.

****update.  i watched Remember Me.  ugh.  so stupid, although Robert was brooding and angry, just like i like him.  Thanks for the suggestions everyone.   i still have 4 more hours of tv watching til i'm off, for now it's HGTV, giving holmes on homes a look.


  1. Leap Year is pretty silly but I liked it a lot (guiltily). The dude is hot. E.

  2. Most of the new romantic comedies are crap. Not really a comedy but I heart Ever After (if you can stomach the bad historical nature of it). Time Travelers Wife grew on me...sappy schmaltz. Whatever you do - don't watch Hot Tub Time Machine. Yes, I made my husband watch it after hearing good reviews. Needless to say, its not what I thought it was going to be (i was hoping more wedding singer).

  3. Return To Me
    Gross Pointe Blank
    Bride & Prejudice - semi-Bollywood version of Pride & Prejudice

    Enjoy your day off!

  4. Ditto on Leap Year - you will be pleasantly surprised!

  5. 'Leap Year' was cute! I love Amy Adams, she was beyond adorable in 'Enchanted'. I saw '500 Days of Summer', I lost interest in about 20 minutes and surfed the internet while watching so it was just ok, I really hate movies that jump around in time, it makes it confusing to follow. Oh and 'Yes Man' was good, watch it!

  6. What a fun day! Just think about it this way, you are probably watching less tv in one day, than people would in 23 days. Right?!
    I recommend:
    Confessions of a Shopaholic
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    Music and Lyrics
    Remember Me (Robert Pattison!)
    Muriel's Wedding

  7. Just forget it and watch something old "Pretty in Pink"...or "Adventures in Babysitting"...or "Vacation"......yeah ;)

  8. Away We Go was darling. but I vote wiht the 80's nod. i just stumbled upon a little film titled Jersey Girl, circa '86. Awesome. Its on Hulu.

  9. I cant say it's a "Romantic" movie, but it is visual and powerful. Baraka. xo Ruthie

  10. ...but if you want romantic (I started thinking after I posted-silly me), Brief Encounter (British 1946) has got to be one of the best - tears included. For a recentish, Woman on top (Penelope Cruz) its that super brazilan (in english) sexy, food, passion in a not NC-17 way. It don't get old. Those 2 would really compete with all of the above!

    P.s. I'm crossing my fingers for you, love your style and your Tude! Chi-town supporter Ruthie.

  11. Two for two, stupid? That sucks, I'm sorry. Let's see, if I were in your shoes I'd try watching ...
    Something's Gotta Give
    Human Giant (College humor, sketch comedy)
    So I Married an Axe Murderer
    It's Complicated

    P.S. Do you think Holmes wears those overalls and tank all the time? You'd think he'd have a tougher tattoo too.

  12. "being a huge veronica mars fan"

    You already won me over! You don't have to keep trying.

  13. Shit I love Veronica Mars....err I mean Kristen Bell. I tend to watch shows over movies. Couples retreat was pretty terrible, but I think I laughed. And I second It's Complicated, fo sho!

  14. I think your movie day is over. If you ever are in need for a good flick watch the PBS version of Emma. Also, North and South (BBC again) is also romantically fulfilling. One that has more words and more subtlety try The Winslow Boy by David Mamet.

  15. I thought Letter's to Juliet was beautiful...nothing too dramatic and yes, you know how it will end, but it was so enjoyable getting to the end.

    I second North and South (BBC) as a great choice too.



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