Sunday, July 18, 2010


ok.  a few things, real quick like.  purely objective.  using my reality-tv-watching-instincts.
1.  Courtland should not have been in the bottom two.  wood paneling can be awesome.
2. Alex saved Michael's life.  he totally put that shelving system together when Michael was relaxing with a nail in his thumb.  probably drinking brooklyn lager.  watching the much missed, much talked about 'television'.  lazy lazy michael.  i mean, i miss RHONY too, but i wouldn't put a nail in my finger just to be able to watch it in the waiting room.  or maybe i would've. we all have our priorities.  in case you don't read my blog often, i'm justa kiddin'.  but Alex rocked this week.  and totally saved the day.
3.  my table was weird, BUT necessary.  we didn't have a table.  and i couldn't leave it plain and have that be my 'signature'.   oh and what i wrote on it (graffiti like) i'm hoping will  keep them laughing and smiling for years, and that was the point.  i'll explain tomorrow.
4.  Reese should quit the acting gig and start painting instead.  she whipped that fireman silhouette out quickly and it really was pretty.  (er. casey)
5.  thank god we have new teams.  i was about to throw myself into that fire.
6.  my kryptonite has left the building.
7.  i heart firemen.  very. very. much.  so handsome, so brave. you can't bottle that sh*t.  and if they could, they would make 17 trillion dollars. 'cause every woman wants them and every man wants to be them.

because they are awesome.
my  15 day shoot ends tomorrow. i'm hoping i come back alive because i is a zombie.  14 hour days with an hour commute.  sucks.  be prepared (this time i promise) for some DS posts.  the obsession is full force after tonights episode. so much to 'splain.


  1. You have me laughing so hard right now and watching you put that table together was hilarious. Nice work though. I mean inventiveness was certainly present tonight. ;-) My kids love you although we Vote @DanFaires as I've said before. @tomboylindy says that the dolphin girl is so "sweet" and nice. If Dan couldn't win I want you or Casey there. Us California girls have to stick together. By the way, has it not been UNFORGIVABLY HOT LATELY! Temps in the 110º is not acceptable. :-)

  2. Emily, I adore you! I found your blog recently, saw you were a DS competitor. I just caught up on the DS shows I've missed over the past few weeks and after watching each one, immediately read your bloggity commentary. You are hilarious, beautiful and talented, girl! I'm team Emily all the way and look forward to reading more on here.

  3. When did Vern turn into Donald Trump?

  4. What a relief! As usual, I'm looking forward to your inside scoop!


  5. I am so happy that Nina is gone! she annoyed the absolute crap outta me and I hated most of her designs, but last night's was the worst ever

  6. OMG, so glad Nina is gone! We were all questioning why the judges kept her on for so long, and why she kept on winning! How many wall murals can you really do? You are awesome, keep up the good work ;)

  7. I'm just curious. so all of you guys are allowed to do your own thing in between the competition?

  8. I can't wait to find out what's written on the coffee table!

    I wish they'd show more of the sewing, because the editing shows all sorts of building by the guys, so it looks like they're the only ones doing custom work.

    You guys got hit with a truly ugly room to start with; good job on making it livable!

  9. Hard project last night, great job with what you were assigned to do and soooo glad Nina is gone!

  10. You know who REALLY wants to be a fireman? Courtland. Or at least perceived as manly enough to be one. Jeez, it's painful watching him insist what a manly-man he is. His insistance on turning his team's space into a man cave played a significant role in dooming their design. I wonder if that insecurity is common among straight male designers.

    And I agree: last night's project seemed really challenging. What's next, designing a space at a hospice center? HGTV is really aiming for drama with this season's Design Star.

  11. I was gone to our Rood/Johns family reunion and now I'm catching up with my past episodes. Loved this one and I was so happy to see that you are still in the running. Your space was so much better than the other teams.



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