Saturday, July 31, 2010

episode 7, new teams

Check it out:  New Teams.
I wish i knew how to write in shaky letters. If I could, I would write
in shaky letters.  
also there is a twist this year.  

Here's the 'Caption This', this week (a picture taken and commenters guess what we are thinking):

Dude, that means I got 2 of the 7 caption this's already.  I would love to talk about it but apparetnly i've cut off my own lips.  

Oh, and Farrah called, she wants her hairstyle back....ah, c'mon emily, too soon, too soon. 

If you would like to guess what I was thinking, click here.
Or just comment here.  


  1. new teams?? when can we just see YOU? we're a little nervous that there's only TWO on your team...which would mean if you and Courtland *whisper* "lose"--it's you or Courtland going home (yikes!) BUT--on the upside--didn't Vern say if he saw Courtland again he would be "outta here" (or whatever Vern says to be threatening...)

  2. Was it fun working with Courtland? He seems really nice... you two seem to make a good team!



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