Monday, July 26, 2010

Episode 6.

A lot to take in from last night's episode.  I was pretty shocked by a few things.  But i'm working on my post right now, so stay tuned.

Were you guys shocked who went home?  Who won?


  1. Not even a little shocked by eliminations. I liked Tom, but there was no way that the judges were going to like an all-blue bathroom, and the minute Stacy started cutting up the drop-cloths, I cringed--there's a time for creative re-purposing of ordinary items, but a luxury apartment model unit is probably not one of them. Courtland was saved by being as annoyed as the judges, I think (plus it being time to go down to five, not to four).

    On Tom's color, I actually get where he was going. I'm not averse to very dark rooms on principle, though the judges seem to be, which should have been kept in mind. But they need more the dark paint to make them work!

    I was a little surprised that Alex's pillow won. It wasn't very impressive. I thought maybe they were thinking he should have gotten some love last week, for taking on so much of Michael's project after the injury.

  2. I knew the drop cloth window treatments were not going to fly.

  3. I think the effect of the frantic time frame of the show started to show this week and I'm not all that surprised by the eliminations. While Stacy and Tom seem to be nice, knowledgeable people, they weren't coming across as hosts to me.

    The cast is down to five now, isn't it? Yikes! I'm so happy you're still there. :)

  4. curious as to what you thought while watching the other guys do their room ( by the way when do you guys do individual rooms, this is getting ridiculous) My mouth was agape with "oh NO they didn't!" why, why, why, why, why??? how can so many mistakes be made in one competition - also what did you think about michael's comments on you and alex doing the artwork? as usual glad you are still on -

  5. Not at all shocked about Stacey going home. I am pretty cynical about Stacey because I felt like she's leaned heavily on other designers to physically execute her design ideas.

    As for Tom, I think he had potential and I felt very torn about his elimination over Courtland who has been in the bottom more times than he should ever be allowed to. And yet again, was saved by the skin of his teeth.



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