Monday, July 26, 2010

Edward to the rescue, again.

Check out this gem of an anonymous comment I got yesterday.  

"Anonymous said...

3 weeks, wow, lucky you haven't been kicked off yet. The amount of talent and will you have could both fit in a tourist gift bag. You're a poor excuse for a contestant, "limited" is an understatement. I wouldn't watch your show with Stacey's glassy eyes. This series somersaulted over the shark when they ejected Nina, and the ratings show that. Entertainment Value = 0. Those of you who remain are the least capable group I've seen in all seasons of DesignStar. Good luck and (hopefully) good riddance to you next week."

Hmmm...Thanks so much, 'anonymous'.  Thanks for making me feel a little bit nauseous and pretty sad for a couple hours.  But here's something you should know about me.  I have 10 dollars.  and a car.  and a mother-in-law who insisted I spend 2 hours with some old friends, Edward, Bella and Jacob, watching them battle immature bloodsuckers, much like yourself.  (Stop judging, Twilight is intellectually indefensible, but unapologetically addictive).  Since leaving the movie theater, i feel so much better.  You should be ashamed of yourself, anonymous.  This is my personal blog, its not the HGTV website where people spew hateful words all day long.  It's just me....a person.  Shame on you.  

oh and by the way, 'anonymous' I've got a message for you.
In the words of Bella,



  1. I find it interesting that the most hateful, mean spirited comments always come from "anonymous"...that girl (or guy) needs to get a life...a happy life. We're pulling for you--and you can come and design a shoot with us anytime :)

  2. Don't worry about your anonymous troll. They live everywhere, but are easily defeated by clicking the little garbage can in which they belong. Glad you enjoyed the movie!

  3. Word! You can count on me to do some shin-kicking if it comes to that.

  4. Wow. Anonymous. What a friggin lunatic. Who takes the time to go onto someone's personal blog to write garbage like that? How lucky are we all NOT to have to wake up everyday being "Anonymous"...THAT must suck. More than their forgettable hateful comment. Emily - Go on being fabulous, successful and abundant!
    xo Alissa

  5. Hi,
    Don't listen to what a anonymous person say. I think that you do a great job !


  6. What a freak. Don't let those comments bother you. You bring a smile to
    my face everytime I visit your blog.

  7. Emily, just remember that for every one person who's nasty and vicious towards you, there's 1000 people who think you totally rock!

  8. Forget that fool. Anyone who can't post under their real name is never worth worrying about, I learned that long ago.

    And here's what I really think - Design Star is one of the worst shows I've ever seen and you're the only reason I watch. You are like the shining light in a cluster f*ck of bad talent. I mean seriously, I watch and I think "whoever is producing this show should be fired." Trump apartments and 99 cent NYC crap? Why would anyone think that was a good idea? If you don't win this thing, I've lost all hope for HGTV. With the exception of Genevieve. I really love her and I think she's just there for the paycheck IMO. And Sarah Richardson, but that's Canadian HGTV which is so much better than American HGTV.

    Anyway, I don't normally get "heated" about things, but being a designer myself, it makes me so frustrated with this horrible show and the laughable challenges. I miss Top Design!

    Love ya, and I will continue to watch this mess just to see what you do :)

  9. I bet you didn't think you'd hear from Nina again, did you?

    People always talk about brushing off negative comments, but I can't do it. It hurts me. I fixate on who the person was and why they decided to be mean. Why would anyone take the time to write comment when they don't appreciate the work displayed on the blog? It's such a foreign idea.

    Anonymous is a coward who is watching from the bleachers. If they think the show sucks, they should stop watching and stop reading the blogs of those who tried to elevate it.

    No one seems to be breathing a sigh of relief that you and your cast mates are almost all professionals with formal training. That is a huge step up from past years of the show. Now, if they could just give you all a little more time to let the creativity flow a little better...

    By the way, Emily, I'd love to get your take on your education at Parsons and how well it prepared you for what you're doing now...if you're comfortable with that, of course.

  10. You know I wouldn't be surprised if it's the nasty shark herself. Get me the ip address and Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous want be anonymous for long. ;-)

    Triple III - Ignore Idiots Ignorance :-)

  11. You are a fantastic stylist AND writer, and if I could, I'd mail you my wallet and just let you have carte blanche with my apartment. Maybe even my city at large. Don't let the haters get you down!

  12. Oh Emily listen. You HAVE to assume this person is wrought with insecurities and is a lost soul. Therefore, we should really feel sorry for this person. They are home writing anonymous, mean emails and you are on a very big television show which you made because you are talented! Huge difference there! You have a great television presence and are honest about your end results–whether you love them or not, which is truly why I think you will win.

  13. You seem like a great person - and unlike others, you seem like a person that would try to be fair and get along with everyone - The show this year focuses too much on drama but you are the reason I still watch, so that I can understand your blog~~it's way too good to miss your blog posts~~ Because your personality is tops and I hope you get your own show -

  14. the joys of becoming a celebrity... Sorry you had to have the bag-o-shxt dumped on you. Just standing still one can see you have great taste and style.

  15. Well I think we all have a pretty good idea of who 'anonymous' is. Especially considering 'they' bashed Stacey and you. It's pretty obvious they are extremely bitter that you and Stacey both said you were happy and relieved when 'they' left the show. It seems that 'anonymous' has a serious case of jealousy and is a very sore loser! (But hey I'm jealous of your talent too!!)

  16. It's so funny, I immediately thought anonymous was Nina when I read that comment, although really there are plenty of "Ninas" in the world and it could be anyone. I say let's pity the fool, because really who wants to go through life like that, filled with and spewing hatred? I watch the show for you (thanks to MFAMB who posted about your blog before the show started and now I am totally attached to you!), and I am one of those people that never comment, so know that there are tons of us out there. and listen to Bryn, another of my daily reads, who commented above. GO EMILY!

  17. I agree with some previous comments, as soon as I read it I totally thought that was Nina making that comment.

    This is my first time making a comment on your blog, but I've been reading it each week this season of Design Star. I enjoy your unique perspective and style. And I love seeing someone comes from behind and excel!

  18. You haven't really made it in the blogosphere until you get your first hate mail. Sucky, but true. Considering how few supporters that woman has on the Internets, it's probably someone related to her.

  19. You rock. Anon sucks.

    Loving watching you on the show and always love your blog.

  20. Some people are so miserable in their own lives they feel it necessary to pull others down to make themselves feel better. I'm so sorry that someone left you such a comment. This darn internet makes it easy for people to be cruel...and obviously, cowardly. Leave a name next time...and how about your email address...your facebook page and even a phone number. Maybe we can all reach out to you too and be equally as kind. Keep your head up, Emily. None of us know what it's like to be on a show like that...but being a designer, I do know that it's subjective and that some people will get it and others won't. We're rooting for you!

  21. Geez!!! I think you have the most raw, artistic talent of anyone on the show... Plus, Nina totally blew.

  22. i would watch your show and can even imagine a new concept for you based on your professional background. keep your head up, girl!

  23. Emily, I am normally a lurker but I do read your blog faithfully and really enjoy it.
    You go girl. If people don't have the courage to own their comments then they should keep their mouth shut. It's too bad that people feel the need to be so nasty and frankly, I am glad they booted Nina.

  24. Good for you, Emily! I agree with everyone who thinks Anon. is a relative of you-know-who!


  25. People who post anonymously are asshats. And they are all related to asshats as well.

    That said - I have to agree that this is the lamest season of Design Star yet. Not because of the amount of talent on the show - although some of the pictures chosen for the portfolios made me scratch my head... No, the reason I am harumphing about this season is that I have yet to see anyone's personal design style surface in front of the camera. I mean, seriously? ONE individual challenge???? There MUST be more going on that is individual that the judges are in on that the viewers are not - otherwise, how on earth can they dump contestants for a single art and craft project, or the choice of a rug, or whatever the hell??? (exception being that riDONKulous braile cardboard thing Nina did) It's like you have said over and over - we are not getting to know the other designers like you and (hopefully) the judges are. I don't feel like I have a sense of what each person brings to the table as a personal style, or what they will be doing if they win a show of their own. I'm not a huge fan of Kim Myles, but I did know that she was the designer that would repurpose stuff. David Bromstad... well, shut up. I knew from the first episode of the first season that he would win. But he killed it EVERY TIME, and they allowed all those individual projects that let the designers shine. Last season, I truly believe Anthony was chosen before the first episode was even filmed, but still I tuned in this time hoping it would be better. But this season is not interesting. I don't get to vote, I don't get to know anyone... YAWN.

    THAT said... I think you're doing a great job, and I'm rooting for you. Sorry for the rant.

    p.s. I'd be happy to go to shelter island with you and make mojitos for you and Tom all day. :)

  26. OMG - Anonymous you are a total see you next tuesday. first of all, totally off. totally missed the mark - doesn't get the show. doesn't get the level of talent and certainly doesn't get emily. the show is not suffering because the egomaniac is no longer on it - puhlease! she was unwatchable. it is sooooooooooooooooooo much better without her on it. And secondly, Anonymous - jealous much? No one ever, EVER EVER would write something that spiteful if it wasn't coming from the big green monster. So, Emily should really just say, "thank you" because all the energy that anonymous spent trying to tear her down, has made her so much stronger. That nasty message really says, "Emily you are so talented, so much better than me. I wish I were you." If Emily weren't such a talent, then anonymous wouldn't be threatened enough to leave a message at all and would focus on his/her life. Therefore, I deduce that anonymous is unsuccessful in life and likely just recently got kicked off a reality show (ehem, do y'all see where I'm going here?)

    So suck it anon and Emily - rock on!

  27. I think Courtland's video presentation was the best part of that whole episode. The apartment your team designed wasn't great.....the whole ugly upside down molding thing and the bathroom was just sad... white with no shower curtain?

  28. Honestly, I think the biggest problem this season is the challenges! They are too repetitive and by staying in set groups for all but one they really don't give the designers an opportunity to show what they can do. On HGTV most of the designers work with a construction team (unless the point is a DIY show), why not give the designers on design star more support in order to let them shine and show what they can do?

  29. i think you're awesome and adorable and i see big things ahead for you! anonymous sounds jealous!

  30. Emily- you are my favorite and I am so excited to discover your blog today! Keep it up!

  31. what a dirtbag.
    i loooove you emily! and am spending my ever-so-precious kids nap- time reading your adorable blog.
    bookmarking it.
    your work makes me happy.
    yes it does.
    and it inspires.
    makes me want to get off my booty and run out to a thrift store for some pretty goodies. buuut, i have sleeping kids... so it'll have to wait for tomorrow. :)

  32. I know this comment is kinda late, but my husband and I have been rooting for you since the beginning. (My husband usually doesn't have an opinion on things like this, so it's a big compliment.) Don't listen to the troll. I don't see his/her a** on Design Star. It's not the contestants' fault that they haven't given all of you a lot of opportunity to showcase your talents in individual challenges. You rock. Your room you did on the last show rocks. We hope you win!

  33. so lame.
    I think you are amazing.
    I knew you would win. Not a doubt in my mind.
    I am saving all my money so that I can hire you to come and decorate my home (when I buy one).
    again, anonymous person is lame. you are not.



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