Thursday, July 8, 2010

my non-mood board.

working like a dawg.  sorry, this week is n.u.t.s.
here's my mood board right now, in case that is interesting to you.  it looks a lot happier than my exact mood right now, my new printer breaking is killing my morning organizational buzz.  i suppose i could call it my inspiration board, but that doesn't really sound like me.  maybe its just a 'cloth-covered-chuck-of-homosote-that-i-put-pretty-pretty-things-on-that-make-me-happy' board.

Its just a sheet of homosote from home depot wrapped in Navy Linen.  I change the linen every couple months.  It took me WAY too many years to figure out that Navy looks good on blondes, but once I did i haven't turned back.  Navy, I love you, you sophisticated color that works with anything, you.

My friend Terilyn Fisher took this photo when she was over the other day.  thanks Teri.


  1. now all you gotta do is figure out how to wear your mood around...

  2. Good in-the-moment share.


  3. I love your mood board! And thank you for explaining what "homosote" was. I was perplexed there for a sec.

  4. The Best ! Watching hgtv @ 3am , I was compelled to look her up. I dont know how the judges can be so blind.. Emily in the room just brings in a new way of sunshine , that you can't help but just smile ^-^

  5. whatever you call it, it looks pretty great. love the colours you've got pulled together there!

  6. Hi Emily, really like your writing style. Did you win Design Star? C'mon spill the beans.

    OK here's an idea for a prop stylist. Probably been done, but what the heck. Make a pillow out of thick sheet plastic (might need two layers) and then fill with cat-eye marbles, or select marbles of a color of your choosing. Place pillow wherever color is needed. Alternatively put marbles in a big glass jar and place on a window sill and admire the wonderful effect of light playing on the colors and surfaces.

    Added benefit is you will always know where your marbles are.



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