Saturday, July 10, 2010

Design Star tomorrow night. we go to the flower market.

It's been way too long since the last Design Star.  I mean, how are you all getting along?  finally, my reality life can live again tomorrow night.  Meanwhile i've been watching to Top Chef and Work of Art and loving them per usual.  At the flea market last weekend I ran into  just-offed artist John Parot.

it's funny, if he was Ryan gosling, (my true obsession) or any other actor or musician i would never have come up to him, but Bethenny(RHONY) and Jeff Lewis should expect an invite to coffee from me.  I feel like reality show people volunteer for it, so its ok ish.

So i came up to him and was all, 'Hi, John?' and he said "You're Emily!' and we both just knew each other from the shows that we are on.  so weird.  we talked for 1/2 hour just about the whole experience, figuring out how to compete under pressure as creatives, etc.  it was weird 'cause i did feel like i knew him.  we actually do share a friend in common, who just had a baby, way to go Jen!  nice job making another human being.  still not sure how that is possible.  but, i made a throw pillow yesterday by the way. just sayin.

Watch Design Star sunday at 7pm and 10pm on HGTV.  It's challenge #4.  watch the preview here, if you want a sneaky peeky


  1. Ugh. I hope they don't edit the entire season to be all about the drama.

  2. looking forward to it. I did a post this week about cheating on DS with Work of Art. I am in serious like with Miles and his art. And if you just happen to run into Miles somewhere? give him my number...

  3. Agreed that it has been so very long since the last episode. My allegedly not-into-Design-Star boyf keeps asking why there wasn't an episode last week too. No one can resist.
    Love the preview. Glad to see that your team has your back in the Crusade Against Nina's Murals.

  4. a long way from Myrtlewood Lane huh???

  5. could they think we wouldn't watch Design Star just because a silly little thing called 4th of July with fireworks was on...we do have our priorities and at the very least would have recorded it! Can't wait to see what happens!

  6. Boo for long gaps in airings... but, yes, Work of Art is a new obsession of mine! It's too bad Design Star isn't showing off more individual talent in their challenges this year. I think that's what makes Work of Art work so well!

    Can't wait to read your next recap :).

  7. LOVE that this all went down at a flea market!! I read this post during a middle of the night nursing session with the new babe and seriously thought I dreamt it because if it were up to me, I would absolutely stage that you and John would meet at a flea...was it the Rose Bowl Flea?! If so, I'm totally convinced that you've tapped into my sleeping brain! How hilarious. I adore this!



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