Saturday, August 28, 2010

  Yo YoYO

I've done a ton of blog and radio interviews this week to promote for the premiere of Secrets From a Stylist.  I figured i'd start posting some of them here today.

Room Fu - Austin Blogger and Design Star Critic.  Click Here

Casa Sugar - a huge great design blog.  click here for part one and  here for part two

Aphrochic, another super lovely design blog, here

AOL.  click here

And Buss Buss (Thanks Kelly for coming to the party!!!)   click here

I know there were others who asked and PR is working on the requests.  The series won't air for a while so we might want to spread out the press.  So you are not ignored, i promise.

I'll spare you the radio interviews, although I do have a 1/2 hour live conversation today at 3pm.

How to Listen:
Friends and family can tune in on the radio in Southern California -980 on the am dial. Or live streaming on the website –  HYPERLINK "" – click where it says “listen here”

That's it for now.
i love you guys.


  1. happy birthday! what a present you got this year...

  2. we officially feel like a stalker now that we read through ALL of the interviews but totally impressed that you didn't keep repeating the same thing (a la TOO many celebrities when they're on a press junket--how many times can you say the same joke and still think it's funny??!) We'll be watching on Sunday as well...again...another symptom of a stalker.

  3. Another stalker here! Due to stupid school starting this week, I was just able to show my kids the finale & they were chanting your name the whole time! They are big DS fans, and now are really excited about your show. As is their mama!

    Shelly in Dallas

  4. Emily,

    Can't wait 2 see your big special. About that dress that u luv, I love it 2.


  5. So looking forward to your show tomorrow!

    Unrelated, but thinking of interior design now makes me think of you. ;p This was linked to me--it's a building I used to work in, the Boston Public Library., and the reason I wanted to mention it is that the way they did the interior was specifically to make people feel important and cultured. And if you ever want an object lesson in the importance of that, cross over to the other side, where there are dirty brown carpets, rows of very ugly metal shelves, and almost no real art. You can actually see people slump.

    Anyway, thought you might be interested.

  6. I can really relate to your electic, but pulled together style. I too shop thrift, love yard sales, etc., but when I buy something new, it is often a long, thoughtful process. I am thrilled about your win and will certainly be watching!!!

  7. I'm looking forward to your show tonight.

  8. All the best with your show premiere tonight, I will be watching! Janell

  9. I'm behind the times and just now realized you had a blog, thanks to casasugar, but I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that you won! I will certainly be watching tonight and praying that you decide to do some episodes of your show in St. Louis! :)

  10. GREAT Show Emily!!! Would you please put a direct link to where we are to post on your HGTV website. I find the site. Can not find a place to make any comments. Other then the Design Star message boards.

    Woo Hoo Can not wait to see your next show. I am loving this.I thought your hosting was wonderful.


  11. Emily, I LOVED your show! Could not tell you were nervous, It is evident you are doing what you love and that you have a true talent. Best of Luck! I will be watching and learning....

  12. YAY Emily! I swear you are the first 'real' person to be on HG, well Candice is always impressive and such the 'founder' that she's ok, and I do love Genevive.. but all the others seem fake-ish and like they're trying SO. Painfully. Hard. to be likeable. And you just are likeable, naturally. It's so refreshing! I'm wishing you alllll the bestttttttt! And I'm excited for you like we're friends in real life. Even though we're not haha. Either way, I'm excited! I don't get cable (sigh), so I can't watch, but I will find a friend with Tivo and make them record it for me :)

    xoxo (ps, Ian's place looks delicious!)

  13. Thank YOU for the amazing interview! The show was EVEN better! Sooo impressed - you were born to be on camera! Keep it up (looove all the secrets and can't wait to hear more)!!!

    p.s. Direct link to the in'vu is here:

  14. HI..I cant seem to locate the info needed to reach out for an interview for my blog.

    any help would be appreciated. I love what you bring to the network!




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