Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Outfit to Room. I'll break it down.

Thank you guys soooo much for the abundance of support.  It makes me feel all warm inside, like chicken soup, or Makers Mark.  Seriously appreciated.

Some of you might remember when I  posted some fashion to rooms in Februrary  - the pictures are just screen grabs, i didn't style them unfortunately.  Well, now you know it was for the audition of the show.  I, obsessed with being prepared, came in with a bunch of fashion to rooms to drive home the idea to the casting folk, because it was a bit abstract.

By the way, i really wish i had seen the Thom Felicia show now, Dress your nest.  Why didn't it last?  Did people like it, or no?

 Below the pic is a mini-bio, just to pound the concept into your head.  Sorry the type is small, it is scanned in and i don't know how to make it bigger.  Me no photoshop.  My friend Teri did the photoshopy part. 
Of course its kinda obvious. But I was afraid of being too nuanced and having them not get it. 

To clear a couple things up from commenters on HGTV (which i only glanced at i promise)

1.  A uniform is not a style, it's what you are forced to wear to work.  So don't worry, you don't need to decorate your home all in camouflage, i promise.
2.  You don't have to change your house every time you change your clothes.  I'm shocked i just had to actually type that.
3.  It would not be a random outfit like your workout clothes or pajamas, the inspiration would come from an outfit that most represents your style.  

I'm not saying this is fool proof or the only way to decorate your home.  it's just a good way to start if you are trying to figure out your style inclinations.  

If you wear a lot of jewelry, then you probably like a lot of decorative accessories.   If you don't, then maybe you need your accessories to be functional as well as decorative.  

If you tuck in your shirt tightly and where cuff links and the perfect Armani tie, then you might like a more masculine,  simple, high end space.

If you wear the same pair of pants everyday, you should wash them, but it probably means that you like familiarity and comfort and you should own a really big comfortable sofa, a coffee table that you can put your feet on and style the room with functional ease.

If you wear stilettos, then you might not mind a less functional sequin pillow, for instance.  

Heres another one -  I want to be this person. 

So her clothes have a vintage Victorian feel, but she wears them very loose and relaxed, like she doesn't care.  She comes off conservative yet, mischievous.  (the fashion was from Mayle and sadly she is no longer designing, does anyone know what Jane Mayle is up too?)

Domino's outfit to rooms are the best, i'll scan in a bunch and go through those.  The City Sage and Design Sponge also do some as well that are pretty great.  


  1. Hi Emily,

    I just LOVE your show idea, and your personal style! You have been my favorite DS contestant from the beginning. I'm super excited to have found your blog...you've got yourself a new follower. :-)

    All the best,

  2. Hi Emily,

    I can't wait until Sunday. I'll be rooting for you. I knew you were going to make it to the final 2 from the first day (your hosting video was brilliant, I loved it). I'm only 11, and I have to get up at 6:30 for school, but my parents are going to let me stay up until 10:30 so I can watch it.

    When did you find out that you were going to be on Design Star?, and when did you audition?

    I hope I see your show soon!!


  3. I really love the whole concept. I have the hardest time finding my style for my home, because I think so many styles look pretty. Going by my wardrobe would be an awesome way to focus it. I confess I didn't really "get" your style of decorating, even though I liked it. Now it makes perfect sense! Was very excited to watch you make the top 2! Can't wait til Sunday to see who wins! I hope its you because I think America will be very disappointed if it isn't!

  4. HEY! wanted to give you a heads up that MFAMB gave you a shout out today!
    And thank you for the very obvious answers you've written here. Sometimes you just can't fix dumb. Love love love this concept.

  5. hey! i think you ARE that girl (no. 3) so psyched you made top 2. you rock!!!!! i loved your room and all of your host videos. keegan is HOOKED on DS and was SO into watching the latest episode. we can't wait for sunday. xoxo.

  6. Dress your nest was a show where Tom went to a sadly decorated home and took inspirations from the owner's favorite wardrobe items as well as personal items they loved. He would redecorate the space and show where his inspirations were in the room. It was a great show, but it was only on for a couple of seasons. Now he has that tacky house show which is just not the same.
    Emily, you are adorable and a great designer so I hope to see you as the winner. Love your blog as well.

  7. Emily, I am a fan of yours and rooting for you. I was wondering if you might do a post on something I have thought a lot about. I am in love with the mood and colors used in Tim Burton's version of Sleepy Hollow (1999), both in terms of the costumes and set design. I think it ties into an Early American theme that has not had too, too much attention in recent design.

    Could you maybe think about doing a room or board inspired by the movie?

  8. I love your concept for your show so much! It's such a great idea. I've always thought people should wear what makes them happy and design their spaces with things that make them happy, but I never thought of combining clothing style with interior design. It's such a great idea!

  9. When I first heard your idea on DS last week, I couldn't really decide if I like it or not. Now that I've had a couple of days to ponder it (I'm working on decorating our master bedroom - we got new pretty grown-up furniture and now I want pretty accessories for it) I'm in love with the idea. I dress pretty simply I think - I don't wear a lot of bold loud patterns, I'm pretty simple and I like cute accessories. So I think I would want a familiar, comfortable room with accessories to give it more spark and be able to change them out.

    Rooting for you on Sunday! :)

  10. best of luck emily. have followed your progress via other blogs - we don't yet have the show. the rooms featured in this link are all amazing and hopefully inspiring, you never know what the next challenge is:



  11. saw your home tour on Apartment Therapy today and loved it. How did you have time to change your dining room color so quickly? It looks great - which gray did you choose? Also? I kinda have a very real burning need to know about that red-cross-on-canvas-thing over the sofa. Awesome. Two shots absolutely killed it: the shot with the vintage hanging light pendant and the shot of the table with the cutting boards and vintage art. So good....

  12. You have a great show concept Emily imho. Most of us do dress and decorate our homes according to personal style...and we do get confused quickly in how to interpret that.

    So much that we see in showrooms or magazines for inspirations is somewhat us, but not the whole package...and it is hard, hard, hard to see where those differences are and get our homes truly in our style. Buying Rooms to Go just doesn't do it and/or copying an inspiration room photo just misses the mark somehow.

    Mixing pieces that represent the different parts of who we are is so hard. I like carrying the same color in mixing pieces. So much to learn, so exciting.

    Can't wait til Sunday to see the Final. Although the results are cast in stone, my hope is high to see you get your own show.

    Best of luck.

  13. I just saw your place on Apartment Therapy. Ironically the light fixture over the side table was something I bought back in 1972 when I was a newlywed. It's long gone now but I know I spent less than $20 for it back then.

  14. You have been my favorite this season on Design Star and I've been rooting for you since day one of this season! I just love your fashion style and knew I'd see it come through your design work. I love how crafty you are and how much vintage inspiration you have! I didn't quite understand your show concept at first but now that I've found your blog it all makes much more sense and I love the idea! I agree with aleassa above that I love so many design ideas that it makes it difficult to chose, but I think if I can pick a favorite wardrobe/outfit than I could as easily pick a corresponding room design.. now I just need to find that outfit! Thanks for all the inspiration! :)

  15. I think your show idea could work in reverse, too. Helping people to dress with stylish confidence by teaching viewers how to combine patterns, textures and colors in an exciting way (which you are so good at!). Some people need to be gently pushed outside of their comfort zone, whether we are talking about what is inside their closet or outside of it. It is all about "styling." I can just see the happy homeowner now, after you have made-over their space *and* their outfit worn to the reveal! Good luck!

  16. I love your design concept. Michael's concept is okay, but how many recent college grads really watch HGTV? Nothing like your concept has been on HGTV. I'm crossing my fingers for you and I will watch your show when you win! Good luck!

  17. I absolutely love the swiss flag. Your living room is beautiful.

  18. Good idea, some take it so literal.
    Tell me what you think of this style What clothes could bring on this style.

    For cottage, i think it is well done, and not so cluttered as others on the blog.

  19. I love your idea concept for a show. I really enjoyed watching Dress Your Nest and after watching it for the first time, I realized that I tend to decorate like I dress. I tend to like casual clothes with a bit of pattern or bright color thrown in for fun--so usually jeans and a tee shirt with bright shoes or necklace. And looking around my house right now, that's exactly how it feels. It makes since that if you feel best in certain clothes or colors that you would probably feel good in a room decorated like it.

    Best of look to you and I'm rooting for you to win!

  20. carol in seattle :)August 18, 2010 at 6:11 PM

    I'm loving you on Design Star and love you more here on your blog. Looks like the peas like you too! http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/mb.asp?cmd=display&forum_id=15&thread_id=3017392

    Come say hi!

  21. I actually know someone who'd be perfect for your show, she's very into clothes and dresses very fashionably yet her house is just so-so. I twitch when I'm there, wanting to grab a paint can and fix it up for her. Me, on the other hand, I'm plus sized and therefore cannot find a wardrobe that would be considered fashionable. I put it all into my house because it's the only place I can. I really liked Dress Your Nest so I'm curious how your show will be (I really think you'll win).

  22. Hi Emily, I just watched the most recent episode and loved your room and your concept (I've also been a huge fan of your wardrobe from the very first episode). Thom Felicia obviously had his take on it, but I really think you can make it your own, and I would be happy to watch. My boyfriend did wonder how you would react if someone who was a fashion disaster asked you to style a room...maybe a joint makeover?

  23. what fresh ideas and approach to styling your own space. Love your creativity and style.. would love to design rooms for a living!

  24. emily i have to admit i was a little worried about your show idea b/c you have such style that all we would see is your style (which i do like, your glass box was lovely) but I didnt think i could watch that same style over and over so when you changed from Dan to Tom and did such a wonderfull job with Tom's room i now cant wait to see your show! I also love your comment about wearing the same pants over and over and that could translate into comfort b/c that is so me! I also hope that you do pick someone that has several different styles depending on where they are going...I have everything from high end ball to club to cowboy boots for when we go to the bar that is all about the west and it would be really cool to see a room that can tie in everything!



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