Sunday, August 1, 2010

Should I get personal? big question for you guys.

Tonight.  Design Star HGTV, 10pm (or 7pm).  

anxiety, anxiety.  ick.  

There is a lot of the criticism of the show that you don't know who we are as people or as designers.  And that sucks.   Being a big 'take other peoples small perception of you in your own hands' kinda person,  I'm wondering if this week I should help you get to know me.

Most of you who read this probably get my style as a stylist or designer and if not, check out the blog archives, starting January 1st, 2010 (otherwise known as the-day-I-woke-up-and-decided-to-stop-caring-about-what-other-people-think-and-start-to-take-control-of-my-career, you know, that national holiday.)  From January to June it was all about style and design - and since June i've done frequent behind the scenes, design star posts as well.  

But, as far as who I am as a person??

If you want:
It's gonna get personal.  

i'm talking details about:   

growing up way out in the country in a coastal town with 5 siblings in Oregon,  

growing up Mormon, (and how me becoming um, un-mormon went down),

What i did, (and didn't do), while living in New York in my 20's.  

and why the he** I live in Los Angeles.  

Does this interest you?  Or is it too self-indulgent?  

Should I keep this blog only style/design-based?


  1. I, for one, vote for taking it to a personal level. Make it what you want, if you are comfortable talking about yourself then go for it (and cudos to you for having the confidence to do so!).

  2. yes, all of the above!

  3. more personal. more design. more design star.

    but if i cant have all 3, ill take some personal. just make sure not to leave out the other two as well.

  4. Absolutely! I'll say this much: readers of your blog (while they enjoy and have taken interest in your design/design style), are also seeking to get to know more about you as a person. Simply, if people weren't interested in you as a person, you'd not have even one person reading your blog. But alas...

  5. I love finding out how people became who they are, but as a long time follower of your blog I would keep reading even if you didn't get personal. I enjoy your writing style!

  6. I would LOVE all the details! Spill!!!

  7. More. Want to know if you grew up Northern Coastal (Manzanita/Gearhart/Astoria) or Southern Coastal (Newport/Florence)? Stumbled upon your blog, and THEN went to watch Design Star. Design Star seems like one of many adventures, so from one Oregonian to the other, let's hear the others!

  8. Echoing all of the "more personal" comments. I like the design part of your blog too, I'm always looking for cheap and fun ideas to help decorate my house. But you also have a good personality that shines through in your writing and I want to know more of that girl too! (But...not like that...haha)

    -Rachel in Texas

  9. Bring on the personal! Your designs are fantastic but it's your personality that keeps me coming back to read more.

  10. It's your blog baby - do whatever makes you happy. :)

  11. It's your blog, and you should use it in whatever way makes you happy. Or any combination of ways. Nothing says that you can't post "How I Became Un-Mormon" one day and an analysis of a pillow pattern the next. The wonder of the internet, baby. ;p

    But what I think people are complaining about in the DS griping isn't that we don't know the designers as people--we don't, but that's another matter entirely--but that we're down to the last five, and the only design things that can be said for sure are that Courtland likes big graphical elements and Nina likes murals. The way the challenges were done and the repeated team stuff has given a lot of interpersonal stuff, but not much opportunity to make a real impression of what kinds of designers you are. We just haven't seen much of your design sensibility identified as such since your sort of jittery first episode. (I'm definitely inclined to put this on the new format, not on you guys. I've looked at the portfolios.) On the whole, I think it's frustration with the personalized format, as opposed to the design-oriented format, that's throwing people vis-a-vis the show, and, judging from the comments over at the DS blogs, they very, very much don't like it and want the old show back.

    But that's neither here nor there with your personal blog. That's what the DS-blogs are out there for. Here? This is Emily-world. Design it for you. :D

  12. we like you. we really,really,like you and that being said...just like a good friend (albeit virtual for most of us...) it's fun to get to know you more ("GET TO KNOW ME!") and then we would have an Emily LoveFest.
    Whatever you want to share--don't torture yourself--just dropping the "M" bomb shook me up :)

  13. design focused is where my vote would land but alas I seem to be the only one. I'll keep reading either way

  14. Emily, I'd love to hear more about your personal experiences. Everything about us informs what we do so it would still be relevant to your design work. :)

  15. Are there filters on Blogspot? (You can tell how often I play with my blogspot blog!) At LiveJournal, you can choose friends, public, custom (certain groups)... if so, you could keep your DS and general design posts on a public profile, but limit personal stuff to people you invite... that would also help if a potential employer Googles you... public would be all design, all the time, and personal stuff that you don't necessarily want people to have in mind when they're hiring you would be kept in the friends realm.

  16. I think it's great to stick to your niche of design for your blog - it's like a calling card for the 21st century.

    However... when something you are doing in design brings up some of your personal background, or if you can link the two together, I don't think that's a bad thing. I just don't think you have to try to do it "on purpose".

    And I agree with Barbara.

  17. Who you are as a person affect who you are as a designer.
    I'm sure the path that took you to become an, what did you call it, unmorman took the same type of strength as believing in yourself as a designer and not listening to others anymore.
    Only go as far as you feel comfortable, but the fact that you are toying with the idea tells me that you want to :)

  18. I love learning more about the bloggers I follow, and I say just follow your heart and what it tells you to do, say and share with us readers.

  19. Why yes, I would love to learn more about you!

  20. I agree that it's your blog and you should post whatever you'd like. I imagine some will keep visiting looking for more design goodness and some will for personal info. The idea about linking them together appeals to me. Suggested topic: Mormon design bloggers. I've known (and been great friends with) many Mormons, so I'm not anti, I've just noticed that a LOT of bloggers (especially designy ones) are LDS. Thoughts?

  21. Do whatever the hell you want (Um... as long as I'm not implicated in any of the 'rural Oregon' shenanigans)'cause you're awesome.

  22. By the way Nina was stupid and Im so glad she got eliminated! She was a complete JERK. I hope you win(: sorry for how off topic that was

  23. oh yes please! I love you on the show and nearly bit my nails off during the kitchen episode tonight. All I can say is THANK GOD you're still there and can I get a TOP 4?! So, yes, getting to know more about you would, quite frankly, rock my socks.

  24. Indulge! To know you is to know your craft from a better perspective. And your humor translates well on your blog. Plus!

  25. I think the personal posts would be interesting...

    This is a bit of an aside, but I'm getting so worn out by every show on HGTV shoe-horning in a SEARS sponsorship. Sometimes I have to hit the info button on my remote to make sure that I'm not watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

    Also, the critiques from the judges just seem so forced during this season (not sure about previous since I didn't watch). When Vern acted so pissed during the firehouse challenge, excuse me for the lack of PCness, but that was retarded.

    Well, hope you end up winning and that Dan wins the online vote.

  26. so glad you didn't get eliminated!!! Your video was darling. As for the personal info... my opinion is to be genuine and careful.

  27. love love you on the show. Your style is so great and unique. and I love your writing style. I'm very interested in your design and you personally. I'm a mormon myself, and I'm married to a former one, I understand the genuine struggle. Since your'e asking... I would apprecitate sensitivity to my faith.
    good luck... watching you right now

  28. Definitely get personal. The reason I say this is because when I started reading all the blogs and such about the designers on the show my entire perception changed...for the better!
    Mrs. O
    PS> So glad you didn't get eliminated!!

  29. blogging is so difficult because you have to decide where to draw the line. i think a little personal is always good...helps the readers understand who you are and where you're coming from.

    you have been my fave designer since the first show...and i love all of the vintage pieces you wear!

  30. Bring it. As many of your other commentors said, its your blog. Do whatcha want.

    Saying it is easy, doing it is something else. (I personally struggle with my blog identity on a regular basis.)
    Good luck.

    Loved you last night, btw. Ciao!

  31. It's your blog. Go ahead and get personal!

  32. I, too, struggle with this issue on my blog. Actually, I just posted a fairly personal story on my design blog last week and it still worries me a bit. At the end of the day though, your blog is where you should feel free to express yourself and a place to share as much or as little info as you see fit. I'll keep reading either way. PS, I have an interview with Alex posted on my blog and will be adding my recap of last night's show in just a bit. Hope you'll all join me there!

  33. Personally, I hate reading blogs where there are just a bunch of pictures and I know nothing about the blogger. I read blogs to connect with people. You should feel free to express yourself however you like, because it's YOUR blog! I would love it if you shared more about yourself, though!

  34. Many of us Design star followers would love to know all that information. And those of us who are blog people followers are used to it. Dogs, peoples children. though I admit, I skip the dogs posts. Babies i stick around for, and weddings, Food occasionally.

    They claim that tiny bit of details of your life is what readers want to see, but well, the right person in the right way can carry it off.

    My late to come advice is to do two blogs, if you decide to do family and friends who are not bloggers info and such. You can always link to it. My sunnyside started that way, and I eventually opened it up to the world. I was able to keep it private. then I started just feeling the need to express my home and garden thoughts. I think it is for me and not my genealogical readers or family. It certainly is not for a large viewing.

    Sometimes bloggers have blogs that registered people only can see. I am a new blogger myself, so I don't know how to entirely separate the profile from the other one.

    As a google blogger, you can have more than one or five, what ever you wish. And you can branch into typepad or some other blog based kind. Also I have my cottage wannabe which stores my blog rolls and an occasional post on an entirely different email account. Thus keeping it as separate as I want. I haven't figured out another way as of yet.

    You can link or post it at the side of your page. As blogging gets in your blood, if your not too busy with your own show at hgtv ; ) you'll even want to do/ design a pretty pretty blog just because it's possible.

    I dislike the circle kind of blogs, which may or
    may not have registration.

    Some of it depends on if you are going to branch into certain kinds of ads. I noticed that if you join Amazon in a certain way, your able to browse the books, that others may not be able to do unless they join that.Which may be a great help for decorating blogs.
    I have yet to figure out how to get permission for all the pictures out there that are wonderful to see.

    I am off subject. I hope your find your solution.

  35. If more than one comment shows up can you delete it. Please. here is the link to a editor of several magazines blog. See how she handels it.
    It's my fav style. Not for everyone. but if the magazines are selling, it must be lots of peoples.!!??

  36. Of course you should. I've been wondering forever why the hell you live in Los Angeles!!! (Nor Cal prejudice...)

  37. As another recovering mormon, I am curious about how your un-mormon-ing "went down". And I like to know a bit about people I read in blogland [and vote for on DS!]. So- bring on the personal! Good luck!



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