Monday, August 2, 2010

Sorry, its' coming.  I'm having technical difficulties - clearly it's not my week already.
but for now I sure wish I had done this:

Not so Italian, i know.  But i'm not so Italian.


  1. Lu-hu-uv this space. Oh my, that little horse and that red bus print and those stools...perfection.

  2. Hey, I thought you did a better space for a catalogue - though the other team was pretty - man was it overflowing with stuff - I couldn't figure out where to look - but if you were really selling appliances, then your team wins, in my opinion -

  3. You are great on camera and it was fun seeing you play with the accessories to style the place. Glad you survived! Looking forward to next week. Two cutie-pie blonds vs two cutie-pie guys. You go, girls!!

  4. Modern italian seems so masculine, if you can prove to me that it can be femine and I can use pink, i will like it. Notice I did not say blue.
    That other pic of old rustic was hideous and I bet it kind of what cortland wanted to do. Good thing you saved him from himself.

  5. Emily, is your e-mail on your blog somewhere? If so, I've missed it. Or maybe it's not there on purpose....? Just wanted to drop you a's mine: aperfectgray at yahoo dot com.



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