Thursday, August 12, 2010

I blahg and blahg, and well, blahg

So Erica, from the blog Design Blahg, asked me a while ago to do a 'Where i blahg' photo - meaning a photo of where i actually blog in the mornings. 
It took me a while to do it, not because i wanted to style the picture (which I did, hello), but because I wanted my friend Teri to take the picture. She is good at it, and i'm not.  

So here's what's happening in this pic.  
You see my new wingback (its vintage, from Casa Victoria - Your welcome,  its a cheap, good, kinda secret store in Echo Park - i'm already regretting telling you)

The mood board is just homasote from home depot covered in Navy linen, cause i'm obsessed with Navy.  
Not sure why i capitalize it. weird.  
I was at urban outfitters last night and I bought 1 Navy dress, 1 Navy romper and 1 Navy shirt (I tried to find them online but they were all on sale so not there, and i'm anti-taking-picture-of-myself-in-clothes-and-blogging-about-them....perhaps i should put bearcat in them?  bearcat effing loves rompers, although navy does not pop against her black fur, which she insists is actually just a really really dark brown. yeah right, bear, yeah right.  are you just sick of us pimping you out for halloween shoots?  are you?)

The console is from Ikea and if you can't find anything vintage that is also functional for an office and is not a fortune, i highly recommend this one.  It has shelves and holes for chords.  Its $299, but doesn't look cheap (top pic below,) 
and totally beats out the CB2 version that is $499
Other than that everything else is vintage:
That branch is a fig, and a rare find, strangely - hey growers, we want these.  grow more and sell them please.

The picture leaning up against the mood board is our wedding invite framed by my sister for us. 

 Our invite was just a 5x7 photo of Brian and I with a picture of a drawn heart taped up on the wall next to us, and we typed on it:

We are getting married.
and we think you should come.
Fair Oaks, Ca Sep 26, 2006

Then we put it in an envelope with an old school index card that had all the pertinent info typed on it.  it was crazy cheap and, well i still love it.  

Anyway, I don't know how doing a 'where i blahg' turned into bragging about how cute and cheap I think my wedding invites were, but that's my post today.  
so sue me. 


  1. A) I'm in love with your chair, B) I love navy too!, C) You're wedding invites are so c-u-t-e, and D) I love your blog (favorite read every post)

  2. I love everything about this post. Your chair is amazing and the color divine. It looks so fabulous against the rustic wood grain of the desk, which by the way, highlights the shiny, metallic gold mug wonderfully. And I am about to wander into my back yard to take a clipping off my fig tree. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Oh, and your wedding invites-Best.Idea.Ever.

  3. Frankly my dear, I don't think you could be more adorable!

    The chair is gorgeous, love the contrast and ahem...the figs! If I could get my fig tree to produce like that, I wouldn't be selling limbs off it.

    Sorry, I'm awfully protective of my little fig tree.

    Love the light you have too.

  4. Brag away- your wedding invites are super original and cute! I wish I had thought outside of the box a little more when it came to my own wedding stuff.

  5. I love your wedding invite. Had a nice chat with Michelle yesterday. We are having lunch in a week. We talked tons about DS and I'm sure we will continue that conversation when we have lunch. Your space is adorable and, as I was telling Michelle, I love your "blahg" 'cause I'm always learning tons.

  6. You are so brilliant- love the invites. Where did you get the letter 'H'?

  7. Ati, um thanks so much. i assure you i am not brilliant, well, ok, maybe a genius. I got the H at the flea market, $20, i love it 'cause it is HUGE and WHITe but it doesn't scream trendy letter, while its still a weird 3 dimensional sculpture on the wall. if I had to redo my invites now, i would be probably just do mini-fuji polaroids, all different to every person, and only 60 cents each if you buy in bulk.

  8. Invites are fantastic and you should brag and kudos on the revision thought. Clever girl.

  9. Love all the scoop! And those wedding invites are TDF to the miggity maxx!

    Thanks again for telling us all about where you Blahg!

  10. Emily, you seriously crack me up with your writing. And your "blahg-spot" (if you will) is lovely. I'm especially liking the industrial looking letter "H". :)

  11. I totally love that Wedding invite Idea! Perhaps fig branches are hard to come by because figs seem to take forever to grow at the start... but once the tree takes off, it turns into a real monster!

  12. I LOVE your work space. Loving that chair. I also love what you wrote in your wedding invites. You are such a cute couple.

    I'm obsessed with navy too! I think everything I have bought the past couple months is alll navy. Every outfit you have on Design Star is so cute!

  13. I think blond hair look really good with navy. The color combination of blue and yellow is really striking and classic.

  14. I was in the wedding biz for years, and this is the best invitation I have seen bar none.
    xo xo

  15. I just adore you and you know this. Why? Because you're totally awesome, completely quirky, and you live in Los Angeles like me but don't blow money like a mad woman. I love it. Trendy finds and in ECHO PARK! The chair is the perfect color. I love your board. I'm going to do one myself. However, I'm covering it a purplish navy color. HEHE :-) Is there such a thing? You rock. Cause there are two sides to Echo Park and seeing you there would be totally fab. I thought I was the only one brave enough to go near Echo Park. HAHA I've been put in my place. :-)

  16. one of the most beautiful "blagh"- spots I've ever seen.

  17. I don't care what anyonesays, I love the chair.

  18. The invite is great, as were the flowers. Now can we see what you WORE for your wedding? Doesn't sound like you'd be into posting that, but since you're super stylish I'm super curious. Was it blue? I'm a pale-skinned dishwater blonde who also wears mostly navy, and my party gown (we eloped for the event itself) was a blue-grey embroidered with gold. I did make it myself and it might have been a little on the homemade side for your liking, but it was also a little crazy in a good way.

  19. Your wedding invitations are fantastic! Love the idea of mini-polaroids too!

  20. Well that is just a lovely spot to blog :)
    I might have to post mine sometime.... Oh and amazingly cute wedding anouncements. If you give up on navy blue you could always give red another shot, you look great!

  21. ah, I love it! I'm sitting here in my new office space that unfortunately does not have windows, which is quite tricky as an illustrator.. but that's just the way it goes. I'm now determined to create a massive inspiration board to liven up the room.

    and.. I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog. It's incredibly refreshing.

  22. You and Brian are too cute (or should I say hot?)!

  23. Just found your blog via another blog and oh my goodness...your study is GORGEOUS. Lucky lady!

  24. Love to see where the magic happens! Your invite is adorable and so creative. Brian is a babe and I bet he's dying that you posted a picture of him!

    Sun Valley

  25. What a great space! I'm a big fan of navy, too--it goes well with all of the colors I love. I love your wedding invites, too. Coincidentally, you were married on my 28th birthday and I was married four days later. It's my favorite time of year!

  26. thanks so much for this post and a little more insight into your day and life!
    wedding invites were fantastic.

  27. Hey Emily I loved living in Fair Oaks CA. Left there in 1985. Lived at 7525 Heather Road. Just off of San Juan.

    Loved your last challenge. I liked the green ceiling. And your totems.


  28. LOVE this post!

    I linked to your blog one day and really liked it, not realizing at first that you're the same Emily on DS. I knew I dug you on the show the moment you said you don't do sketches, that you stare (I do the same thing!). Anyway, keep up the great work, I really enjoy your voice..... uhhh, could that have SOUNDED any creepier!? haha! I mean your voice, as in your perspective :)

    Looking forward to the show tonight!

  29. SO cute! Love vintage finds. More than expensive store finds, unless maybe we're talking about Ironies or ABC Carpet haha.. Seriously it's all so cute, and your wedding invites, perfection. Adorable. And cheap. Who needs money? Pfh. Overrated.


  30. this is all super adorable, yes, BUT how random and what a small world... i grew up in fair oaks! where did you get married? maybe in the village with the roosters and chickens? adorable:)

  31. Hi Emily, I am coming over thanks to A Life More Fabulous. I almost fell of my chair when I saw your home office. How lovely and how smart! Navy blue is also a color that makes my heart race. Not as creative as you -- I did give my old chest a makeover. It looks like it is related to your wing back chair!

    I am now a follower.

    Happy new week! Mon



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