Thursday, August 26, 2010

3 days til the premiere of SFAS

It's no secret that bloggers are kinda taking over the world.  And I mean blog readers, too.  If we could all come together to decide on a different word for 'blog' that would be awesome, btudubs.  It still sounds a bit like a sickness or a real quick little throat gag.  blog.   

Regardless, some of these lovely blogging ladies are starting a new on-line magazine, Rue Mag, that drops in September and one of them, Anne Sage, who has been one of my longtime go-to's is rad and wears very incredible glasses on her face featured me in her blog today. YES!

  I met Anne and Crystal whilst shooting in our apartment a few weeks ago - non-design star related, extra hard to keep that secret then, by the way.   And they are both the loveliest.

Here is a sneak peak of the mag (not my shoot). 
photo by Manny Rodriguez
I know.  Magazines are like the 80's.  They were almost gone, off the shelves, and then WHAM, they are back, except different,  a little reworked.  Well, magazines are awesome and the 80's were questionable, but i'm not the best analogy-er.
photo by Manny Rodriquez
Hello new media, you are awesome.  

On to other topics.  Oh right, i saw my TV show yesterday for the first time.  'I-saw-my-tv-show-yesterday' seems like a very weird thing to say.  I filmed it in July, then the film production company (which I LOVED) has been doing their magic so I its been kinda outta my hands and i've had no idea what it actually looked like (or what I actually looked like). 

 So I was excited to watch as you can imagine.  I'm not giving anything away.  

And I am DYING to know what you guys think.  That's all I'm gonna say.

Except this:  Ahem.  

Dear readers, please tweet, facebook, and blog as much as you want about 'Secrets from a Stylist' which premiers this sunday on HGTV at 10pm.    

It's up against the Emmy's and Mad Men, and I think True Blood, too.  harsh.   Ian (and Glee), are up for 19 Emmy's so when you are tuning away from SFAS, you best be rooting for my friend.  


  1. I'm so excited for your show to premiere! I have watched every season of Design Star but haven't watched any of the winners' shows. Yours is the first to really grab my attention and the only one I've ever set to record. And btw, I burst laughing when you said you were raised Mormon. I think all children born to Mormon moms in the 70s/80s had pretty much the same exact childhood. The craftiness/repurposeness (word?) of my mother is mind blowing.

  2. Emily! It's been so fun to watch you on Design Star...from a fellow Portlander, you are so amazing and I can't wait to watch your new show! Keep the good stuff coming!

  3. Oh Emily who cares about those other shows??? Can't wait to see your Show.


  4. I just found your blog, but I have been watching Design Star all season, big CONGRATS on the win!

    Just posted about your premier, can't wait to watch!!

  5. I am SO excited for your show - you are such a natural on film! And I loooove your style - yes that's right, love with 4 O's. I Netflix Mad Men and don't care about the Emmys, so SFAS it is!!

  6. Tivo is set. Will definitely spread the word..

  7. I'm allll over it! Emmy's schmemmys. Mad Men is for TiVO and True Blood, well, I have ghetto cable and no HBO. Word.

    P.S. Did you seriously leave me a 3:15 am comment? No wonder you're exhausted for the LOVE!

  8. will totally be watching and recording your show so I can go back and review :) Don't you love editors? LOVE LOVE LOVE the good ones and how they work their magic with snips, cuts, ins,'s amazing

  9. If I was in the States I'd be watching! Tell the TV company to beam it over the pond so that it airs in the UK, too!

  10. Hey Emily, I'm so excited to see your new show! I've already got the DVR set to record! Plus, discovering your blog was super exciting!

    I was so intrigued by your work as a photo does one get into that? What is your education/background?

    Congrats and good luck with the new show!


  11. Done!!!
    Posted about it again today!!!!
    Can hardly wait!
    xo xo

  12. Just saw the promo clip- it looks like the best show ever. I wish I had cable and could watch it.

    Also- I completely agree with your wish for a new word for "blog". Seriously. I guess you've got a little bit going on these days, but I wonder if some blogger might want to conduct a contest where people come up with a better word to replace "blog" with. Maybe real bloggers would vote for their fave and then the blogosphere could come together and start using the new word. I really think it would uplift the entire "online journalling" endeavor, no joke.

  13. Can't wait to watch you in your very own show!! I will try to emulate your design know-how :)

  14. I'll be watching your show!

    And your friend Ian is CUTE cute cute! Single, you say? He's free to check out my's single...

  15. Don't you worry Blondie. I'll be watching.
    I'm so excited for you!

  16. Congrats! Don't know if you've been told yet or not, but the "Glee" fanpage on Facebook's most recent status is about you and your show!

  17. screw the emmy's...secrets of a stylist is where it's at!

    girl, i am so proud...i have been rooting for you!

    blogged about your show here:

    and don't worry....i caught my preposition mistake...secrets FROM a stylist is the post title...not OF!

    have fun!

  18. I've got the DVR for Mad Men and I don't care about the Emmy's. My Sunday night at 10pm will be focused only on your show.

  19. I watch shows on hulu, so the only one of those shows that i can watch that you mentioned is yours. yay! :) side note that's design-related: can you do a post on styling food? twould be awesome to learn how to plate dishes and set an attractive table. luvs ya. so much that if you invented another word for blog, i would totes use it! :D

  20. You make such a good point, 'blog' is an unattractive word. Hmmm. What to do? I don't own a television, but I'm one of those undercover television watchers via hulu + laptop, and I just recently discovered Design Star and watched your season (a little too quickly). Just moments ago...I watched you win. Bravo! I was rooting for you from the beginning. Congrats.

  21. I gave you a little blog shout out and will be watching! So excited!

  22. seriously, you are my blog right now! i'm redoing my apartment cause of you! yeah!!!

  23. In our local listings, your show is scheduled for two different time slots each on Sunday and the following Saturday. So, everyone who wants to see everything should be able to get it all in.

    Many congrats to you!

  24. Will def get the word out. Curious though, if a show is DVR'd does it still count toward ratings?

  25. Just discovered you had a blog- so fun! I loved you on Design Star and can't wait to see your show! I am so excited about it!

  26. Congratulations Emily! I'll definitely tweet, facebook and blog about your new show. Was it only a couple of months ago that you were styling my clients' home for Coastal Living? I can say "i knew her before she became famous!"
    Serious, I wish you continued success. You've worked hard and deserve it.


  27. lol! blog! funny commentary.
    Anyway, I will totally let you know what I think after watching your show! Just gotta remember to come back here to this site.

    EMILY! You totally need a facebook page! You know what those are right? You just make a page, then people can click "Like" and then whatever updates you make there will show up on peoples news pages. Also, people can go there to write comments to you.

    I am a facebook fan of david bromstad, HGTV, apartment therapy, NPR Music, stuff you should know podcast, etc etc, ANYWAY it is a great way to connect with your fans, give them updates, and a way for us fans to tell you nice things. This blog is great of course, and you can link it on your facebook page, but facebook is a way easier way to find you. I only found this blog by stumbling upon another blog, So Haute, first.

  28. I did a little post about you as well over at my blog: A Pina Colada! I am Mormon, so I thought I may as well have a design/lifestyle blog too! {hee hee}What a funny post you did earlier on that.

    Super congrats! I'm so excited for you and glad you won. Can't wait for your show this Sun!

  29. I will so be watching it! I have already seen the commercial and freaked out b/c I am so EXCITED!!! I have blogged about your show and plan to do so again on Sunday! It will be great, your great!


  30. i have to say, that i have not really been lovin' MOST of hgtv's shows lately. they seem predictable and just a little *cheesy. (sorry hgtv) HOWEVER, i am fantastically excited about your new show! i really don't think design star has ever had a winner with as fabulous taste as you have. you are such a breath of fresh air. can't wait to watch.

  31. Can't wait, cutiepie! It looks super & I'm going to post it on FB again today. Agree w/ Maya that you need a FB page, but I'm sure it's in the works!


  32. best of luck with the premiere!!! you rock =D

  33. I was so so excited when you won, I even cried a little... We were all sitting here (my 3 littles and I) screaming your name at the tv, willing it to happen!!!! YAY, so excited!!! I can't wait for your new show, it has to be one of the most interesting concepts that has come around in quite some time!!! CAN.NOT.WAIT!!!!!! I will tweet until my fingers are numb!!! CONGRATS AGAIN LITTLE MISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I am so happy that you have your own show and I cannot wait until later to watch! I did blog about you this week - hope you don't mind!



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