Sunday, August 1, 2010

Episode 7, pre-post

Still he-re.  i know.  a styling competition and I didn't win.
I'll tell you why tomorrow

If only RHONJ coulda been the guest judges, Theresa would have LERVED our kitchen. 

Working on 'my official' post right now. stay tuned.  


  1. It was really interesting to watch you work in your element, win or not. It showed a lot when the photographers arrived and you knew exactly what to look for and how to use them. (I'm weird. I love watching people do their jobs.) And I think they just bottom-two'd you because they hadn't seen you host for a while.

  2. totally agree with Barbara--you knew what to do and were in charge (atleast the editing looked like you were...) I was a little nervous (and now I have dragged my husband into my "world" and he worries about you) but I knew it had to be Alex...and your rebuttal was accurate to the judges as well.
    Have to say though--a little worried because HGTV is now making Courtland seem more "kind and gentle" with the girlfriend warm and fuzzy comments--makes me wonder what they're up to...

  3. How could you be inspired by garlic (or a corkscrew!), really?! I'm sure you all want to scream when they give you another inspiration item. It doesn't make sense to me if they're trying to set you up for your own show. No homeowner would ever say "I really hate my kitchen. I would like it to look more like this piece of garlic, though." :)

    Have a great day!

  4. More to say later, but for me, the biggest surprise of the night was that Courtland has fiancee! Sorry, Courtland...


  5. I agree with Benson. Courtland is getting a lot of exposure. I hope that now that we are down to the final 4 we'll start seeing more of you.
    And the only thing garlic inspires me to do is eat it.

  6. Is it strange that I almost cheered when your hosting piece was fantastic? Hooray!!!

    I realize that my only knowledge of your industry comes from your blog, but my impression that doing your kind of work well takes a whole lot longer than you were given on the show. I'm always impressed by the results in light of the time line.

  7. Okay, I did agree that there was alot of stuff in your kitchen, but it didn't look like ANY more stuff than in the other kitchen? Really inconsistent juding if you ask me..

  8. the biggest surprise of the night was that Courtland has fiancee!

    This is where spelling on the official website messed him up. It mentions his "fiancé," which is the spelling for a man who is engaged, rather than "fiancée," which is a woman who's engaged. That's an "e" that makes a big difference in perception!

  9. Hi...I'm an Emily...I'm a designer and I know your sis, Crystal. As I am sitting here unpacking a box design crap in my office, I watched this episode. I loved the pop of color on the island, and if anything was "over styled" it was the french kitchen...not yours. Good luck, and I love your blog. I'll be checking back often.



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