Wednesday, June 30, 2010

episode 3. da boys.

Ah the boys.  ok, so here's the deal. you can rip it apart, sure.  I'll spare you because these are my friends.  But here's the deal, it's actually more interesting than the girls.  Sure, ours is pretty, but I do think that the boys had some exciting things going on. 
Let's start with Tom.  

I love me some Tom.  I'm not gonna down play it, Tom and had a pretty special relationship and throughout the competition got kinda close.  You know how he comes across really intense?  that's because he is, but he has a lighter side, a really joyful side that I love.  When I was really really really down on myself (aka, barely holding it together) after the first challenge (or 2), he gave me such a good pep-talk.  I'll spare you the sentimentality, but I just remember being so thankful to him. and   
Anyway back to his saxamaphone.  

I like this space, I do.  It looks like a weird person lives here, and I love me some weird people.  I can't believe that Tom and Alex built that daybed in one day, neither having much experience with construction.  Tom's philosophy throughout the competition was to try things that he doesn't do in his everyday life as a designer (he's corporate).  

Pulling back more you can feel that it's a little more disjointed, but I still kinda want to be there. 

This side i'm not totally opposed to either.  It just didn't work with the other side.  It kinda looks like a crazy person lives here, but again, i like crazy people and i can often say that about my own apartment.  
I don't totally understand the different levels, but it did make the space do something interesting.  That pouf is ridiculous.  I love. The faux finish?  i'm not on that bandwagon, but I actually don't mind it outside of all places (somewhere that actually could be aged).  

So Trent went home.  Let me say this: these designers have some of the biggest personalities that i've ever been around in my life. HUGE.  Not all of them, but a lot of them.  I thought I had a middle-sized personality, you know, i can hold my own, but compared to some others it's like the size of a potato bug, or a proton.  If you lose confidence and it takes a while to find footing again (me), or if you never find your footing (Trent) then you will just get steamrolled. And its nobody's fault, its just a consequence of being on a reality show with big personalities.  So don't underestimate Trent. I never worked with him so I don't really know what he's capable of.  But this wasn't his format.  He wasn't meant for reality TV and competing for his career, and that's not a bad thing.

OH and to address the criticism.  Yes, you want to see more designing, I get that.  BUT, this isn't just a design competition and seeing personalities, how people work together, general like-ability (or dislikeability) is actually a factor in this game.  Its' 3 days cut into 43 minutes, having to watch/show 9 different designers work.  As people dwindle down and get the boot, i'm sure we'll all see more of the designing.  Just keep watching.  Please.  There is gonna be some stuff that knocks your pradas off.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Work. Pendleton.

New Work.  It's almost as if my life isn't just all about Design Star.  Almost. 
The Pendleton Catalogue finally dropped and I was supes excited to get it in the mail. So much work i've done lately either is not going to be published til next summer or is not stuff I really want in my book.  But this, i like.  This is just a sample from the first catalogue that I did.  More to come. 

Heres' how it went down, for those who are interested:
Maryalice gave me the art direction, where she wanted to play on the clothes conservative and classic nature.  So we did a throwback 1960's feel - when suits were suits and men were men.  
I figured everyone read national geographics a lot, loved pops of yellow and had loved all-things-circle back then, right? 
 So here's what I did:

I sourced the grasscloth and wallpaper down here, shipped it up to Portland.  Adhered it to the flats.  Chair railed one of them, painted the bottom semi-gloss (so it reflects).  Then I bought enough 8" pine planks (and cut them accordingly) to look like old wood flooring.  We stained them a trillion times so they would be dark, slapped on a coat of poly, then staggered them. 
 I rented that desk from The good mod (where I bought my sofa), it's amazing.  That topiary (top pic) was awesome.  HUGE.  and was a pretty penny from The Jealous Gardner.  The rest of the stuff I got at thrift stores, vintage stores, etc.  

Waddya think?  It was shot by Jose Martinez, with his crew Eric, Pat and Anton. 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Episode 3

Last night's Design Star was interesting, to say the least.  friends were over. wine spritzers were being made.  let the designing begin.

Where to start. oh yeah, hello, where it always starts:  Jazz.  I chose the Tuba because I thought visually the tuba is big, bold, metallic, and its sound is very distinctive - super low, slow,  and fat.  yes it sounds fat.  and phat.  wha, what? If i had to do it all over again, i would still have picked the tuba.  So what did I do, you ask? (at least that's what my friends asked last night, 'Emily, what exactly did you do?')  Good questions, fans (they love it when I call them that), I shall tell you.

I wanted the terrace to be super relaxing, with furniture that is fall-in-able and hard-to-get-out-of-able, (what? those are real terms.  wikipedia that, yo).  So when we found these pieces of furniture that were all low to the ground and super comfortable, not to mention big round and fat, I was like,  'hello, tuba!!' a phrase that was not underused the next two days.  Next we went to Zarin's fabric where I had 'claimed' fabric (that's what we all started to do, 'claiming' things so we made sure that we had something that couldn't be taken from us) to make pillows.  I'm a bit of a whiz (in time, not necessarily in skill) at making throw pillows, so i bought enough to make  A TON, like 15, that we could throw on the furniture, on the floor, etc.  I wanted it to be a hangout where people would just read romance novels, maybe an US weekly,  for hours and hours while listening to well, yes Miles or Enya or Kenny G. yes, how did I not make any Kenny G references already, crap.

Back to the pillows. We wanted to stick to metallics, because while this isn't a literal challenge, clearly most of the instruments are metallic and metallics are on-trend, look high end and are neutral at the same time (we already got our color taken care of with the barney walls and green plants).  So i bought a metallic silver linen, (always a favorite) a gold large scale damask (made modern by sitting next to the metallic linen) an eggplant linen, a gold morrocon-y print and white linen.  I was given 10 minutes to pick out fabric, which is like fabric sacrelige, one needs at least 1/2 hour to make the best combinations, but nope, literally 10 minutes.  I liked what I got, but wasn't in love.

Then we went to Plantworks where we got three really big fig trees (my go-to for graphic, big modern plants that make a statement and are easy to care for) and a bunch of succulents to style the tabletop with (which doesn't work necessarily that well with the fig trees, but we weren't at a huge nursery with a trillion different plants, so they seemed like good choices). Stacey got some ivy for her engaging wall, there too.

Unfortunately we had missed the window to go uptown to the other outdoor furniture store, and traffic wasn't helping.  We had planned a big dining table situation (for me and Kenny to eat creme brulee at) but now we were out of options.  This is where being on a reality competition is frustrating because you just want to ring your assistant (am I british now?), send them to IKEA and grab a teak dining set.  So instead, I get the not-so-brilliant idea that we can just make them with supplies from the hardware store.  I think I had the 'I-can-do-anything-because-I-have-to' fever.  It was a 24 hour thing, contagious for sure, and yes it made me a bit delusional.  At the hardware store I found these pretty tapered table legs in two different heights, so i thought - perfect, benches and table.  uh, what?  a mistake for sure, but I don't know what else we could've done.  oops.

We got some plywood for the tops and some foam to upholster the tops of the benches.  Nina was totally right, they were architecturally insane.  They looked like piano benches up against a quite large table.  And they certainly didn't belong outside, and not with the other half of the terrce - maybe the bench at the end of your bed, but not near your 'fall-in-able' furniture....yes, there is no stopping me from saying it, they were more 'fall-off-able'.  BUT, heres the deal. They are actually kinda pretty.  I upholstered the top in the silver linen then trimmed them out with nailheads.  I made a white linen tablecloth and styled the top with the succulents, some wine glasses and a stack of plates. and it was pretty.  it was a 'do-not-touch-under-any-circumstances' a-la-house-of-cards-in-a-museum, but it was pretty and tasteful.  (for an indoor dining room in say, my apartment)  I'm not a carpenter and I don't pretend to be one, so you have to judge everything in theory.  Theoretically if I had had the tools, supplies and skills I needed to make them properly, they could have been beautiful.  Dan helped me, but I almost don't want to bring him into it because he actually is super talented and skilled when it comes to building and I don't want my idiocy and lack of planning to taint his reputation.

Working with Dan.  I can't say enough good things about this guy.  When I first met him, I was like 'southerner?' or 'Williamsburger'? and lo and behold he's a bit of both.  He's the friendliest man on the planet and could probably beat out Obama in 2012 if he tried.  And he's not friendly in the dorky sense, he's still super cool and funny, just has manners like you wouldn't believe.  If you've been wondering where all the chivalry went? he took it, he has it all.  His lady, Dasha, is a lucky woman. We were lucky to have him on our team.   And because Nina was humbled by being in the bottom last challenge she was much better to work with and really just stuck to her own thing.

About her thing.  I pretty much said it all last night.  I was pretty terrified about another Nina artwork, not being the biggest fan of the first one.  But when she said that  it was going to be architectural and modern, wood and brass on the wall, I thought, 'ok, that could be tasteful'.  I think we just have very different styles. and yes, I was shocked when she won.  The reason I said something (which enflamed the only slightly dormant tension) was because I really didn't want to go to elimination again.  its terrible up there.  and it last for hours and hours.  When Vern says that 'its not a place  you want to be', he's so right you have no idea.  And her piece was so big, being the feature, that I feared it would send us to elimination.  I tried to be diplomatic and prefacing with  'I like what you had already up there', but I think she saw through that and could tell that I was faking it.  I was picturing Vern saying, 'Emily, you're the stylist, why didn't you stop this?'  a la basket disaster last week that I got somehow blamed for.  Do I regret saying it now?  nope.  But at the time i did, because the team fell apart for a while and Dan had to witness the DS version of 'girls gone wild' that probably tainted him for life.  I made a promise to myself not to stop people from making their own mistakes.  go ahead.  it's your funeral.  only in this case, she won.  It was the biggest feature in the room and maybe it did resemble a french horn.  i dunno.  kinda speechless about the whole thing to be honest.  here it is again in case you missed it.

So here's why working on a team for these challenges is extra tricky.  In case you are over music metaphors, i'll switch it up for you and give you a Hollywood metaphor, as I do speak hollywood now.  It's like taking 6 actors, putting them on a stage with blank paper and saying, 'work together to write and perform a play'.   Here's the catch, if your play is great then everyone is safe, but if it's a bad play then whoever shines the least goes home.  So, everyone wants the leading role. everyone wants to be the star and nobody wants to be the character players.  But you NEED character players. You need the people to move the play forward, give comic relief, relate to the audience, help everything make sense or it WILL BE A BAD PLAY.  A play with 6 leading roles would turn out like 'Valentines Day', the movie, and a total narrative disaster, fragmented and un-engaging.

Same with a live-able space.  You can't have 6 huge feature walls or big wow factors (i'm ashamed of the use of this cliche, but I fear its not gonna stop), or it will look like crazytown and no one, except maybe barney himself would live there.  Some of us aren't the needing-to-be-the-star types. I told myself, just do pretty things that you aren't embarrassed of and hopefully the judges will take note. And Dan certainly was a HUGE character player, he's so great.  So was Casey, who even I forgot what she did, but i remember that she worked hard and it looked pretty.  Ultimately you do end up sacrificing attention for yourself to better the room in its entirety.  So when everyone says that no one is shining this season, I see what you mean, but hang in there.  Remember that the numbers dwindle every week, eventually there aren't going to be very many people left and focusing the designs will be easier.  Hopefully.

About the room as a whole.  The barney purple shoulda been darker.  oops.  We did want it to be dark and urban, like jazz, but it wasn't dark enough.  Often these colors when photographed go black really fast so I think we were scared of that.  It wasn't the worst color ever, but it coulda been two shades darker, more of an eggplant, or aubergine if you are fancy.  which i am.


I loved the furniture, modern yet super comfy.  These were good choices that we all agreed upon immediately.  I loved the fig trees, although I wish we had more smaller plants to cluster around them.  I wish we had painted the wall navy blue and added some outdoor rugs (and lord did we try to find an outdoor rug, or any flooring solution, but we couldn't).  I tried to make a huge bean bag, but failed. and I tried to make a huge ottomon from the stiffest foam ever, but it looked insane, so gave up on that one, too.

Ultimately a really really fun challenge. I loved working with Dan, Casey and Stacey.  I felt like I did some things that I was proud of, and finally I didn't have to go to elimination.  finally. such a relief, you have no idea.

i'm gonna blog about the boys this week, tomorrow or wednesday, as this one already has lasted waaaay to long.  If you didn't watch it, you can check it out here.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

oh. boy. oh. boy. i get so excited I haven't watched it yet, waiting for friends.  but i'm on the twitter party and i'm psyched.  I, however, don't know how to join the twitter party, do you guys?  do I just put #designstar in the body of the tweet?  I love the behind the scenes info that the winner was not a unanimous vote.  that's why you join the twitter party.  oh and white wine spritzers will be served at my viewing party.  because i'm that cool.
and classy.
and cheap.

and no more delays, i'm trying to figure out what direction this blog thing is going, so sorry about the 3 days off.  i'm back.  in action.  ready to blog so hard.

Episode 3. Terraces and Tubas.

Episode 3.  Tonight. 10pm (or 7pm depending).

I'm psyched about tonight. Here's a teaser - we take it outside, and I get intimate with a tuba.  
This was a super fun challenge, and if you do the math (which I normally don't) you'll find that yes, we are down to 4 girls, six boys so the teams are pretty unbalanced.  I wonder what will happen.  Well, i don't wonder, but you should wonder what'll happen.  It might involve a Arkansas.  and blue eyes.  Just sayin'.

Again, I didn't get to see the other teams space, so it will be fun to see what they did this time.  And I'm loving watching all my friends up there, and seeing it from such a different perspective than you guys.  I'm falling in friend love with some of them all over again.

It's a pretty crazy situation that few people in the world can relate to and you do feel like family in a way - a family without parents, where each sibling wants to win, while we hug, cuddle, laugh, fight and cry,  all while being filmed.  you know.  family.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Feedback, yo.

Quick question:  Do you guys want more design star posts or not?  I don't want to alienate/bore non-watchers (anymore than they already are), but the comments/emails explode when its about design star and are kinda 'wah wah' about the rest of the stuff.  What if i did 3 DS posts a week and 3 regular?  is that weird?

Let me know what you are feeling. If you have questions you have about DS leave them in the comments and I can answer them.
I really can't thank all of you enough for the support - i'm so not kidding.  It makes watching myself on TV a little less painful if I know people are out there rooting for me and not thinking that i'm totally lame.  Which i can be.
Circa right now.  I might be still in my PJ's, checkin' the blogs, and have NO intention of getting out of them soon.  In fact, i might have every intention of watching 'Love Happens' later today, also in my pjs.  Maybe.

Going to the dark side.

Digging these dark walls with crazy pops-o-color.  Orange/red ladder?  ish do think so.

Borderline garish, but i like most everything individually.  You know that somebody really 'wacky' lives here - like Jonathan Adler, Patricia Field or Carrot Top.  and they wear bow-ties, with suspenders. and shorts.  and I bet they have a weird small hairless dog that they kiss on the mouth.  maybe.

This is one of those that looks good on first view, but actually I don't really like anything here, save the coffee tables that orange pillow and kinda that big mirror.  But there is something still beautiful about the room as a whole, right? or am i seduced by a good photo?   maybe.  i get seduced easily. 
(first pic via Design Files, 2nd an old Elle Decor, dunno about the third)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Murals I love. See. I'm not a total hater.

Alright, this was much harder than I thought.   Not to beat a dead donkey, but murals are kinda hard to do right.  That being said I don't want to discount them completely because when they are right they can be beautiful.  The problem is most of the time its when they are old. Like this one above.  My friend Cindy sent it to me this morning.  We shot this house for House And Garden (shot by Francois Dischinger) in Newport, Maine.  It was the house/set for the movie 'Evening' with the boring Claire Danes and the amazing Meryl - sidenote, cray cray beautiful house.  On cliffs. Windy, romantic.  I think the Kennedy's used to vacation there. see below.

Here's three I found in the New Paris Interiors

There are actually three different things going on the walls here.  Two murals and a swirly feature wall thing which normally I would hate, but since the palette is soft, I don't mind it.  The murals are probably custom wallpaper.  Either way, i kinda like 'em. 

Now this one, above, is awesome.  Obviously a commissioned art piece.  And it totally works.  I can't tell if it is actually a piece of framed art just leaning there, but regardless if it was a mural there I would love it.  And that table/rug situation is not weird at all, nope. completely normal.  it must be a 'piece of art' too, but no me likey.  

Kids room is probably where I would get murally if I was to ever.  This one isn't particularly beautiful, but it is weird and playful - like my kids hopefully will be.  this one looks like it was either painted by a nutty swedish artist, or done by a 7 year old.  that's the kind of art that drives Brian crazy, but sometimes i'm into it.  IN A KIDS ROOM.

if something like this, above, was painted on one of my walls, i would be kinda happy.  Its ethereal and dreamy and weird.  I've had this image for a while, not sure where it came from, sorry.

These two are more predictable, but done well so i'll let the fact that its uber trendy, pass.
They might be photo murals, but they entertain me.  (above, Emmas blog)

And if i was a magazine editor and had offices all over the country, I could see this in my LA office.  

So there. I'm not a total hater.  Just discerning.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Episode 2 Dolphin vs Shark

I just wrote the longest post and then safari shut down.  Awesome.  Perhaps its because it could tell that i'm weak, that i'm a weakling.

OKAY!  episode 2.  Not my prettiest, emotionally.  So I'll walk you through it quickly to get to the good stuff.

The challenge is fashion to room, we all know this one.  But we have to combine all five of our looks into one space, not easy, pretty unrealistic actually.  I'm a fan of the fashion to room, not literally but the idea that your interiors should reflect your style.  But combining all of them is hard.  Every time we complained about this, they producers would say 'I guess that's why they call it a challenge'.  It got to be a pretty funny joke, actually.

I was feeling fragile from almost being eliminated 12 hours before (you guys get a week between challenges, we get hours).  I was excited to work with the girls, I liked Casey and Stacey instantly.

So day one was a lot of shopping and shouting, ick.  We went to Gracious Home (awesome) Calypso Home (awesome) Bo Concept and Zarin fabrics - well we split up Nina and I went to Calypso Home  and Stacey/Casey and Tera picked out the fabrics.

Day two was slightly more pleasant because Tera and Nina left to get accessories (which they did a pretty good job at) and I repainted the niche from gold to charcoal - the gold with the yellow with the peacock headboard fabric that almost went up looked like a terrible terrible bed and breakfast in Maine, circa '83. Stacey painted a pretty chair and Casey sewed the drapes, helped paint, etc.   Ultimately I think the living room was pretty - i stood behind Nina with the hot pink rug.  I liked the sofa/coffee table situation, the starburst, bedding and side tables in the bedroom.  When the judges came through, we all agreed that we liked the rooms, well mostly.  Here they are:
The bedroom is a bit tragic, the yellow is not good.  And those drapes were meant to be lush navy velvet, not elvis crushed velvet - they couldn't find what they wanted there so they got this instead.  time. pressure.  sucks.

But as soon as you are the losing team you start looking for blame - who are you going to throw under the bus? What are you going to claim as 'yours'?  it's never pretty.
Duh Duh DUH:

Now the juicy stuff.  The second I met Nina I knew that we were opposites in every way possible.  I knew it.  I could smell it.  This could go one of two ways and I'm pretty sure you know which way this went.  It sucked.  The power dynamic was set up after the first challenge, which she won and I lost (almost), so i was the natural weakest link in her mind and she dismissed me completely.  Fine, I get it, it's a competition she didn't think I could design. So it made our relationship a bit tricky.

And yes, i'm the dolphin, Nina is the shark - in case there was any confusion.  I'm not an idiot, i'm just not a killer - just sayin'.

So why did Tera go home?
She chose a bad yellow, sure, I could've easily picked it too, you get really only a few minutes to choose, and her concept was just a color concept, but those aren't reasons to go home.

Tera's mistake is being overly defensive with the judges.  There are ways to disagree with what they are saying, but still showing that you listened.  She almost came across arrogant, like she knew more than them.  And then throwing Stacey under the bus was unnecessary and passive aggressive.   It's a pressurized situation, remember, so maybe she wasn't really acting like herself.

 Ooh, let me reiterate I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BASKET ON THE FLOOR.  It was horrifying, and I shoulda just taken it away after Tera and Nina put it there, but at some point you have to let people make mistakes or else no one will know who should still be there and taste levels won't be displayed.   How did I get blamed for that just because I didn't stop it? Weird. (please spread the word to any and all people that you know that I didn't do that.  family members, friends, your waiter, bus driver, every stranger on the street!!!.....the world needs the truth, 'cause that sh*t is embarassing.)
Tera, I think would make a much much better host than most people on the show, though.  She is adorable and charming, so likeable, (except at elimination and when she is around Meana) and such a MILF.

So about Nina not going home.  I'm sick of everyone saying that Nina is only there because she is the villain.  Yes, of course she is the villain, and that creates good TV.  BUT, she also has a lot of design chops that the audience doesn't see.  She deserves to be there more than some other people.  Let me be clear, we have  completely different tastes, I'm not a big diy mural girl.  ( I'll do a 'murals that I like' post tomorrow, to show you what I like and why - as if you care, but still it gives me something to blog about, i've been scraping the bottom of the barrel lately.  )
But unfortunately for Nina, her aggressive personality gets all the attention and her good work gets kinda ignored.  Its taking every bone in my body to be objective here.   So difficult.  I'm amazing myself.

As far as the guys?  I really liked their living room.  But looking at them objectively, I liked our room better, sorry guys I love you, but if I had to live in one of them I would take ours.

That's all the gossip for today, i've probably already said too much.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Episode 2

Episode numbero dos is tonight. I know what happens, but at the same time I have no idea what we'll see.  First of all, its boys versus girls and we never got to see each others spaces, so it will be fun to see what the guys did.  Secondly, it was a 2 day challenge, plus elimination day at the penthouse/studio, so the editors had to take all that footage and condense it into an hour - and there was a lot of dramer beyond just designing, trust me.  I saw a preview that showed me saying 'You're just kinda a bully, Nina', so I guess that means you'll have the pleasure of maybe witnessing some of that.  awesome.

I'm nervous, but super excited -per uzh...  I wish I could say that I was a perfect angel, but I probably wasn't.  Just remember that it was an insanely pressurized situation and people don't always act like themselves - or maybe that's exactly who they act like, we'll see.

On with the show.   Check back tomorrow for the day-after post.  And if you feel like it, follow HGTV design star blog, with Dooce (Heather Armstrong) and apartment therapy for their twitter party during the show tonight.  What's a twitter party, you ask?  no effing idea. but it has the word 'party' in it, so i'm game.  I'm not sure if they give spoilers if they tweet east coast time, so if you are on the west coast be careful.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The love between a woman and her lampshades.

Check out these beauties.

I want to hug and tickle them I love them so much.  They are vintage 60's or 70's capiz shell and brass handmade shades that I bought from Bernadette Breau in Portland.  I got both for $60 and I didn't know what I was going to do with them but I had to buy them.  (it was one of those once-in-a-lifetime-i've-never-seen-these-before-and-they-are-soooo-me purchases that don't really have a place in my apartment yet)  Needless to say these are not exactly Brian's favorite kind of purchases and perhaps I often don't tell him about them, and just sneak them quietly into my hoarding closet, only to be debuted when he wakes up one morning and he literally doesn't even notice it.  It's baffling to me.  I mean, when we got the new sofa (which I only kinda told him about), he was like 'did you rearrange in here?' and I looked at him, not sure if he was serious, but yep he was, and he didn't even notice the BRAND NEW BLUE SOFA.  Hilarious.  He will however, notice immediately if I accidentally un-record the Met game and record instead a Real Housewives reunion show.  That he notices.

POINT IS:  i've decided to switch out my bedside table lamps into these hanging gems on some chain that I will not try to hide - nope.  These are what I have now (above).  I think you can literally see Brian's sleeping reflection in them.  He thinks i've lost it ever since I got back from the show.  I wake up at 6am every morning with a new project around the house to start.  (this may include organizing my magazine by type, title and date, or reupholstering my headboard - see above- or making new throw pillows, painting the wall turquoise (which I regret, btdubs) etc etc, like a complete loon)  Anyhoo, these were from Target and were left over from a shoot (well one was chipped so I couldn't return it, the other I bought to match). I think they are super pretty and  I'm going to keep them, but Mr and Mrs capiz shell are taking over this space for a while,  if they work scale wise with my vintage baker nightstands that I refinished (not so well, but they were $7 each at a junk shop in the valley -i'll take proper pictures soon).

I also bought this 70's hanging light at the prop house in the valley that closed down. I got it for $30, and rewired it a couple of days ago - by myself-ish, the guys at Anawault lumber are soooooo helpful.
I think it was originally inspired by these two pics, which I love:

Left is anthropologie, and the right is from via A perfect grey

 If you want a good re-wiring tutorial, my besty did a blog post about it a while ago and its super helpful. She is also the one that threw the premiere get together last week, why?  because she is the best, that's why.  Her blog is supes funny, too and she does Design Star reviews on mondays as well.

Here's an interview that I did this week, by an old Coos Bay family friend Rachel Parker Bishop on her media review web-site.  Check it out.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stylist envy...

Dios Mio, I do love these images.  It's from an old Elle Decor and I think it was featuring a bunch of outdoor furniture/accessories, but  I love the way that it is styled and shot.  

For a product roundup story I think that they took a lot of risks that paid off.  That chair is rad, anyone know who makes it?

Yes, please.  Those magnolia branches make the shot.  kudos to whoever styled this.  If anyone has an idea who's work this is, let me know. I had it clipped out and don't know the sources 
(except that its' an old Elle Decor).


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