Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tapestries and 'Glee' bragging rites.

Today is definitely a 'maybe i can just lay around and watch hgtv and bravo and nobody will notice' kind of day.  I might have stayed out late last night.  might of.  who knows? maybe i made a healthy dinner and went to bed at 9.  or maybe i went to The Moth with friends and crawled into bed at 3:30.  no telling with me.   no proof of either.   But perhaps all these pretty tapestries near beds will distract you from judging me.  maybe.
Elle Decor, May 2010  and domino, styled  by Cindy and shot  by Roland Bello

Also, I totally forgot to brag about something.  One of my best friends is the creator of Glee. Awesome already, right? but that's not what i'm bragging about.  This is what i'm bragging about:  Saturday afternoon Brian, Ian, Nicole and I watched an invite only, 40 people in the audience, live dress rehearsal of the Glee cast's upcoming tour.   It was at a random soundstage in the valley.  They were performing like 5 feet in front of us.  It. was. priceless.  maybe even magical   I was so so so so so happy from the 'Don't stop believing', through 'Rain on my Parade' ending in 'True Colors'.  There was not a weak point, no second of boredom, no 'i wish they had...'.  nope. just pure unadulturated childlike happiness and, well... glee.  I sat there with the dumbest grin on my face throughout the entire thing - every now and again I would tap Ian on the knee and mouth to him, 'i'm so happy, i'm just so happy'.
only in hollywood, baby.  only in hollywood.

And in case you are thinking, 'oh, don't you think you are soooo cool that you have such important and rad friends?'  

the answer is:
for sure.  
thanks, Ian.


  1. Hi Emily,
    I'm a graphic designer and follow your blog daily! I love interior design and work at Country Living magazine. I really don't normally do this, but I just have to. My brother, Michael, loves Glee and actually did a video audition. Please check him out: (scroll to the bottom). If you like him, it would be great to mention him to your friend, Ian. I know I'm going on a limb here, but I just wanted to put it out there. Thanks so much!!!!!!

  2. I love Glee and am so jealous! That sounds amazing. Lucky you! I had no idea they were going to have a live show! I'm googling tickets immediateley.

  3. SOunds like a day!!! Glee is flipping hilarious.

  4. Nice blue room, and I heard an interview on Fresh Air with the creator of Glee, and he sounded so freaking cool, no kweeewl! Like I wish I was his friend!

  5. Love these tapestries. Adds an eclectic look to any space!

  6. i'll show you my boobs if you take me to the next glee outing. you know i will and they're really nice to look at.

  7. Can a person actually suck while being totally cool at the same time? Apparently so... for you, my dear, have achieved that state of twisted zen. Wish we were neighbors. :)

  8. You just referenced The Moth and Glee. Also, "Don't Rain on my Parade." whaaa? you are high on my list of well-respected individuals!



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