Wednesday, May 26, 2010

house plants: can't live with 'em.  can't live without 'em.   or more like I love them but can't keep them in the apartment because bearcat eats them constantly and then throws up, or I don't water them enough/over water them and kill them.  but i like them.   and the weirder the better.  I have to buy a lot of them for work, so its like anything, after a while you find that you love the more unexpected ones the most.

*bearcat is my teeny tiny full grown black cat that looks like a baby bear cub mixed with a puma, except very small (she was the runt).  I'll refrain from really diving in and fully describing the amazingness that is bearcat for fear of losing all my anti-cat readers (which even the concept of being 'anti-cat' kinda baffles me, all animals are pretty awesome and worth blogging about)
If you guys insist i'll post a picture of the bear soon.  

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  1. I hope I'm not the only one who wants to see photos of Bearcat. I used to have a cat we named Shoyu (Japanese for soysauce), and we ended up attaching "bear" to his name because he got so fat.

  2. Oh, please share a photo of bearcat! I agree, all animals are awesome and should be talked/blogged about. And I feel your pain about not being able to have house plants due in part to our four legged family members, murray and miles (AKA piggy-pie). I have found, however, that I'm able to keep a few herbs in the kitchen, high enough that the babies only admire them from afar.

  3. Must. See. Bearcat. Photos.

    My cats are the reason why I too can't have plants---either live houseplants or cut flowers. Not only do they eat them and barf, they're also champions at knocking vases over and spilling water/blossoms everywhere. Flower fail!

  4. YES YES WE insist. Just got home from spay clinic with two of our porch kitties. Just have to stop this madness of babies. Only 6 more to neuter. Sigh. Nothing 300$$$ will not fix. I work to feed and spay cats I guess. Hoping neighbor will take the one she promised to love and cuddle but he is not old enough to leave his mommy yet.Hoping she will reconsider and take the two little boys. This would take us down to only 11 kitties and two border collies. NOT all 11 kitties live in the house. Only three and the dogs.

    Emily you need to create design around animal fur for us critter houses. LOL




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