Wednesday, May 19, 2010

cover girl

You'll be happy to know that I found 7 old issues of Domino that I didn't have.  Embarrassing that I didn't have them all, I know. Oh you don't care?  that's weird because it was only the best shelter (watch me use the lingo) magazine ever.  They were at a random thrift store in Portland.  And the clerk heard me gasp.  then he heard other sounds of pleasure, but quickly i paid for them hoping that this was not a joke, that ashton wasn't lurking amongst the tchockes ready to punk me.
I styled this cover a few years ago.  We did about 25 different versions, and maybe this isn't my favorite. but i'm still happy to have it in my book.
Melanie Acevedo shot it. Tom Delavan was the editor.

My mom commented the other day that she didn't know what covers i'd styled, so the next few posts might be emily-centric, some of my work.  also i'm outta town and don't have my scanner, so i'm digging  inside.

The rug is from Maison Monsour modern - really amazing rugs.  The mirror is from Andrianna Shamaris 


  1. I was here before I knew you were so dang famous...

    that rug is the bomb. (do people still say that?)

  2. Yay! That makes me happy because I featured her house on my blog.

    Now I can say I "know" the stylist behind that cover. ahahaha

  3. This is actually the only Domino mag a have, I live in Iceland and they dont sell it here (weeping hysterically)but I snapped some while travelling in the US, you are fabulous!



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