Thursday, May 6, 2010

i love you very much, you pretty, pretty rooms, you.  i love everything about you, your soft yet moody color palette, your collection of pretty vintage everything, your dark floors, wallpapered walls and white ceilings.  You are both sophisticated, yet inviting, warm yet modern, and man are you good at composition.  Both feel 'of the moment' (yep i use phrases like that, now), but pretty timeless - ah, that old combination that we all slave for.  Not sure where you are from, how old you or if you are the same stylist or not (although i do know that the genius, Mikkel Vang shot them - who will go down in my mind as the first person to have an iphone (not literally, but close) and nobody else on the job we were doing together had ever seen/felt/used/touched/played with one before so we crowded around it all day - for days, in total awe as he showed us these 'app' things, blowing our flip-phone minds - seems like it must have been a decade ago).
Left from A Perfect Gray, and Right from Hallie Burton

Sometimes I need to be reminded that  it's ok if I have a ton of pretty 'stuff' piled everywhere.  These two do, and i want to be in both those rooms, although methinks I need to get some pretty morroccon boxes to put them in (right) - and no, i have no idea how to spell morroccon, and i'm ok with it.  

I know this post has no cohesion, but i'm sick of hearing myself talk about my apartment, and if I am, then you must be, dear reader.

Sometimes you just want to look at pretty pictures. so sue me - although i would not recommend it, mama's not rolling in it right now.

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  1. I love your wit and writing style as much as the pretty, pretty rooms you give us....

    thanks for the link, you witty, talented, broke but pretty, pretty girl...



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