Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ah Portland. or should i say, plaidland, or beardtown.  There is such a look here, its ubiquitious yet totally natural at the same time - like the rain, i guess.  I love it.  Tomorrow is the last day of shooting for Pendleton. 8 days of shooting in a row, 3 days prep before that...i'm a little tired.   I've been working with the same awesome crew, Jose Martinez (shooting) MaryAlice Eckart (art directing) Jose's crew of bearded plaids (will post pics, don't worry) Eric, Pat and Anton, with Kristen and Sara on wardrobe and Ivan and Nica on hair and makeaup.  oh and me and Dustin on props and sets.  We've been at a studio for the first five days, then urban portland for one and on a farm for one, where I got to wrangle this beauty.  
This is Butterball, but I called him 'bangs'.  Bangs and I talked a lot about the positives and negatives of flatironing your hair.  I shared with him that I'm a beach waves girl myself, but bangs find that people take him more seriously if he straightens it.  He is a show pony after all, he would know (although if you asked me i would say its a bit fried, no?   BTdubs I much prefer ponys over horses.  There were a bunch of horses at the farm, they are so beatiful, but sooooooo big.  and have such big teeth, i think i'm scared of them, er, i know i'm scared because every time they moved towards me i jumped.  but not bangs.  nope. bangs is my beautiful medium-sized show pony.  I love you, Bangs.


  1. yes, we must see the bearded plaids...

    bangs will miss you...

  2. HIlarious as always! "The positives and negatives of flat ironing your hair" Love it.



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