Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Foam fashion story.

Still catching up on stuff published while I was gone.  This is an 8 page fashion spread (these are only 4 of them) that I styled for Foam magazine, which again, if you haven't picked it up lately do yourself a favor and run on down to the news stand.  I would never endorse something that I wouldn't buy myself, i'm so not shilling, its just kind of an awesome lifestyle magazine with pretty/weird photography and lots of fashion/music/art/general cool sh*t recommendations.  (all the music picks were either already on my 'must play everyday list' or are now, thanks to their introduction).
Not the most prop heavy, I know.  With fashion shoots the props take a backseat, which is good (less stress) and bad (i'm less important) at the same time.  But since i've moved to LA i've done a lot more fashion/lifestyle and I like it.  This was shot by Glynis Arban, with Monique Bean as the fashion stylist/editor - she brought some crazy awesome vintage weird bathing suits/accessories.

So here's how it went down. After foam booked me they gave me the general art direction which was - watercolor-y vintage circus. No problem here, that sounded awesome.  They wanted everything to feel ethereal, feminine, but kinda weird and a little off.   So I brought a bunch of instruments (only the cymbals up top made it in) made these pendant flags (which was just twine and yardage of chiffon/silk that I ripped up), some hoolahoops, a ton of weird hats, sun bleached lanterns and vintage beach chairs (non of which made it in).  Ooh, but my favorite part was making the flower collar seen above, right.  If her head was cocked the other way you'd see that on the right side of her neck the flowers came up to her ear - it was off balance looking kind of like it was taking over her face - in a good way. It was peonies, desert flowers (weeds basically) and succulents, arranged around thick wired using floral wire and tape.  at any point the model could have punctured her jugular, but thems the breaks - we all have our occupational risks.

There are a bunch of awesome vintage one-piece suits in this issue - which i can't get enough of, but Brian isn't exactly crying out in excitement.  He's not on the skirted-one-piece boat....yet....but, thats what marriage is all about, people, good old fashioned brain washing.  I'll have him wearing one by July.


  1. This is a beautiful shoot! I especially love the pendant flags you made. I found Foam magazine for the first time a couple of months ago. They sold me with their tag words "Fashion Ocean Art Music."

  2. Love the flower necklace! What a fun shoot! So gorgeous.

  3. I'll be looking for this publication. Love your pendant! dreamy talent..



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