Thursday, May 13, 2010

Coastal Living shoot in the Palisades

Remember when you were little and you dreamed about the kind of house you would own when you grow up?   It probably looked like the one we shot this week.  It is super pretty, but more than that it is just this big family house with a pool, huge bbq area, enormous play room downstairs, guest rooms that rival the best hotel rooms, movie theatre, wine cellar, big comfy sofas, lots of flat screens, kitchen smells of croisants (literally, when we walked in the homeowner had just finished baking some), super open, colorful and fun.  It's funny when something isn't necessarily your style, but you want it sooo bad because life is just good here.  I was shooting with Roger Davies (who i hadn't worked with before, suprisingly, but LOVED).  We were shooting for Coastal Living, and the house was designed by Brooke Gianetti (of Velvet and Linen fame) and her fabulous Architect husband, Steve. (not the house above, that is a shot from Roger's portfolio)  The house was in the Pacific Palisades, the dad is one of the presidents of ABC television, and the family is ridiculously cute and super super super nice.   Kinda ideal, to be honest. The house was new but it fooled me, they designed it to feel like its been there forever, and everything and I mean everything was super high end and luxe all the way - but not pretentious.  I spoke to the homeowner about adopting me, and we are looking into what procedures I should get started on.

This is Brooke, me in the middle and the editor, Steele (who is a an ideal photo editor) on the right.  not sure why i'm looking so homely.  oh that's right because I momentarily convinced myself I didn't need to do my hair, just wash and go - let it go crazy, that'll be fun.  i'm very sorry, and that won't happen again.  It was a 2 day job and mainly consisted of rearranging their furniture, restyling all of the shelving for the camera, adding 'signs of life' everywhere (shoes, food, bags, open book, etc) and flowers and plants.   The house had so much good natural light and was already so pretty that it was overall a quick and no stress shoot. 
here are some more from Roger Davies portfolio.  kinda impressive. 

I know.  super pretty.  and he's super nice.  with a cute british accent.

i'll post the pics when they get published.


  1. I cannot wait to see the layout. Brooke and Steve are an incredibly talented pair and deserve all the attention possible.

    And you do not look homely.

  2. What a fun job you have! Actually, I'm not sure which would be more fun -- styling the houses or photographing them! LOVE the light in those cover photos, especially the bedroom upper left...

  3. I'm coming from Brooke's blog. Happy to have found you . What a fantastic job you have

  4. What a cool project. Brooke is such a lovely girl, must have been an ace day.

  5. It was so much fun watching you do your thing, Emily. You are so talented,and your hair looks great in that picture. You have my dream hair!
    I hope that we get to work together again soon. You styled the shelves so effortlessly. I need you to start doing installations with me! I'll keep in touch. xo Brooke



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