Sunday, February 28, 2010

aubergine and apathy

sometimes you feel like blogging and sometimes you don't. gosh. so i just actually typed that with my little sausage fingers.  embarassing (about the admission of both the blog apathy as well as the state of my bloated appendages). regardless.  It's kinda like cuddling. nope, i always like cuddling. maybe its like going out? nope. i'm the socialest beast in the animal kingdom. (hey spellcheck, get a real job, you are such a buzz kill) maybe its like cooking...yep, that's it.  not me, of course.  i no cook-y. brian cook-y. but  i would imagine that someone who likes to cook feels like cooking a lot (like me and the blogging), but now and again has super long days on set and catches up with friends and family at night, and cooking takes the back burner to everything else.  and where does that leave the blog?  a blog does not right itself, oh no, it doesn't.  nor would i want it to.  it would be like a naughty naughty dog walking itself, or itunes creating its own playlist for you.  i would be very very worried.....remember the sandra bullock movie 'the net?'  a blog can start taking over your life if you let it blog for itself.

so, is this a cop-out blog post?  fo shizzle.  will i do better tomorrow? you know it.
Do all these pictures have the color eggplant in them? yes.  is aubergine a pretentious word for eggplant? definitely.  is it lame to have the theme of your blog post be the color eggplant?  kind of.

but i love you reader(s).  i love all your comments.  they make me want to be the best blogger i can be. yes... like the army, but not exactly fighting for my country,  or fighting at all.  really just typing. but typing ferociously as if the keys were my enemy. and that is a fight i can believe in.
totally delirious, obviously.


  1. Hee! This post totally made me giggle. Definitely do not let your blog blog by itself!

    Caroline of Red Glasses

  2. I only like purple when it is referred to as aubergine. Pretentious? Absolutely. Do I care? Nope. But I love your blog, cop-out posts and all. You are hilarious and a great writer. How many talents do you have up that sleeve. Innumerable?

  3. Thank you for making me laugh each day.

  4. Okay, get out of my head. Seriously, it's crowded in here and I need all the brain power I can get to invent this robot that looks like me (ish) and loves to post every single day (eesh).



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