Monday, February 1, 2010

more unsolicited flower advice...

You know those weirdos that go years only eating and breathing air?  yep. just air. yum.  No i'm good, i'll just have some air. No need for a menu, i'm good with the air here, thanks though. Well, i'll start with some air, then for my entree i'll have some air, ooh, and that looks good, for desert I'll try the air.   Well I feel like I'm that way with flowers, they are all I need - well, I also would like some avocados. and coffee.  and magazines. and clean white linen sheets. and jeans that make my ass look good.  and really really cold drinking water (and yes, I know its 'cooler' to drink it warm, but just shut up, euro-lovers, i like it to hurt my teeth).  So maybe i'm not really like one of those weirdos.

Anywho.  One of my very best friends is getting married soon so i've been on the lookout for beautiful, tasteful arrangements.  I think i'll make it a weekly post until she decides.  So these are obviously neutral/black and white arrangements, SUPER pretty, probably expensive, and maybe too formal for a farm wedding, but Me likey all of them, mucho.  I particularly like how the stems show on the one up on the right - stems are part of the flower, you don't have to cover it up. Also, I always love baby's breath in huge volumes.  Socialy risky, but super pretty -  like hundreds of baby roses.

If you missed my first post on flowers, and don't hate my fairly strong opinions about them, check it out. All pictures from Once Wed.


  1. I just discovered your blog and its just lovely! I couldn't agree with you more about baby's breath- I want baby's breath all over my home, all the time! Its so pretty and simple. The top two arrangements are gorgeous as well.

  2. Hi there--

    The flowers on the bottom are what I carried in my wedding--white lilacs. I loved, loved, loved them. They looked like they were fresh from the garden and not overworked. I'm not a fan of overdone bouquets. Here's a tip though. I had two bouquets. One for pics before church and one for the actual ceremony, after pics. They die really quickly so I had to have two so they stayed fresh.


  3. wait, i'm confused. those are white lilacs? they look like baby's breath...are you sure? am I dumb?
    good job though. excellent choice

  4. Flowers seem like a great thing to fixate upon!

    I love ice-cold water, too. The Europeans would shake their heads at me.

  5. top left arrangement. gorgeous for a farm wedding or any wedding. and em, i love your blog. hi-larious. xx gabby



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