Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mas flowers, por favor.

Yep, we are doing this again.  Flowers. Having fresh flowers is more of a right than a privilege, like voting, or is voting a duty not a privilege..or a right?... whatever. the point is flowers are da best.  buy them, for yourself, or for others. all the time. it's a bit wasteful in money, but worth it's weight in gold in happiness.  that's why I don't write greeting cards, bt-dubs.  barely even makes sense.

So, to recap, one of my best friends is getting married and i'm on the 'not-fussy-perfect-for-farm-wedding' flower hunt.  This week is obviously about pink, which I liz-ove.  check out last weeks, or my first flower post.

Photo credits:  top left, Coco and Kelley. The rest from Once Wed


  1. Flowers make everything better. Word. Then again, my bf and I also still send greeting cards. But only ones that say things like, "Snowflakes would be much cooler if they were shaped like prostitutes. Merry Christmas." Heh.

    Love the not fussy farm wedding look btw. For a friend's baby shower recently, I put all the flowers in masons jars and old tin tea boxes instead of fancy vases. Frun.

  2. I do truly love your blog. thanks.



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