Monday, February 8, 2010

time warp

This post practically writes itself, doesn't it?  the 70's are back, people.  These photos are from a 1975 Better Homes and Gardens decorating book.  Ok, so peace and love are always in, no?  And the music and films from that time can do no wrong in my book.  The Who played at the super bowl yesterday, for god sakes. (and in case anyone else thought this, Elton John apparently did not write/sing the song 'pinball wizard', fooled me)  Oh sure, you say, they've been back for a while, boho chic fashion from the early 2000's, wide-leg pants, princess sleeved shirts, the entire 2005 wardrobe of Mary kate and the other one.  Really the 80's and, dare I say, early 90's are what is the hottest right now.  BUT, i'm kind of shocked at how modern these rooms look.  Sure, they are too 70's, but most of the furniture individually is kind of rad.  I love that metal parsons table, the wood cube side table and the wallpaper is totally fine if it was in a more tone on tone color palette (grey and white would be my choice).  And I love me a collection of plants, although maybe not this one so much.  The picture on the right is great too - the pendant lamp, both iconic side chairs and the sofa is not bad, although looks uncomfortable.  I could lose that enormous silver ashtray next to the sofa, though.   It seems incredibly oversized and unnecessary and smoking i've heard is quite unhealthy, although perhaps in the 70's it was better for you as most people seemed to smoke the decade away. 

Ok. So, I would never put all of these 70's elements together in the same room at the same time, but it is kind of shocking how a version of these could be in many shelter magazines (are there any left??).  

And p.s. I LOVE these woven chairs above.  If you owned these and invited me over for tea (read: a drink) then there is a chance that I would steal them, and probably blame your maid, or your small child.  And that's the risk you take by having a maid or making small children. These bad boys are spendy, but I will own one of them one day.  

Welcome back, 70's.  i like you.


  1. It's amazing how timeless the major elements/furnishings of those photos are. I just bought some French deco magazines from the 20s and 30s and they are FASCINATING, I guess I should get around to posting them.

  2. Oh my god! The answer to my next blog post just occurred to me!

  3. Hey Emily, it's Natalie from I've been looking through your posts recently and can't believe how many things from my own style file have been on your blog, including this little gem. I personally found this one in a thrifty in Santa Maria, Ca. We should compare notes sometime. (white bed with macrame hanging side tables also a long time fave of mine). Hope you're well.



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