Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Take me back, turquoise, I need you, baby. real bad.

Dear Turquoise,  (sigh.)
Sometimes, and just sometimes,  i believe the people that say you are not sophisticated; that you are 'reminiscent of teenagedom' (should be a word), or 'bad wannabe-ethnic starter furniture'.  But other times you make me so happy and excited, and I wonder why i have listened to all these pretentious color snobs that paint themselves beige and read architectural digest for so long. 

I want you back, turquoise.  So bad.  I know, I know! You are upset, and what color wouldn't be?  I courted you hard core  from 22-27, we got serious, then i thought i was too cool.  Sure, sure, there were the bouts with indigo and navy, and yes i do still see them a lot, but it is you who i have always waffled over.  You are emotional, you see?  You are sometimes hard to look at, or you make me want to have a cocktail with an umbrella in it.  You remind me of South America, Southeast Aia, the islands, anywhere really where the British empire could send their leftover  paint, colors they were too good for, too sophisticated for.   Well you know what? more like colors they were too lame for, too safe for.  Boom.  Not you, though.  You've always taken risks, always pushed the limits of what blue can be.  
I may not put you on my walls or reupholster my furniture in you just yet, but turquoise i want you back - in accessories, throw pillows, fabrics, art, vases, books.  You get the idea.  Baby steps.  We'll take it slow.  See how it goes.  make sure the chemistries right, that we deserve each other.

Let's make pretty interiors together again, Turq. ( and yes, of course i remember....who couldn't?.. it was the 80's in palm springs.....blush...)
(1st photo, Mikkel Vang, 2., Robyn Glaser, 2., Roland Bello) pretty much my favorite lineup right there.


  1. mmmm that middle sofa is a little piece of heaven.

  2. So true. Turquoise is amazing. Also, just have to say... LOVE your blog. So witty, and I feel like we have been friends for years. If by friends, I mean me reading your blog and you not knowing who i am. Friends like that. Anyway, keep up the great blog! Also, how do you become a stylist? it seems like heaven!

  3. Such a favorite of mine as well. I was just mulling over the possibilty of a turquoise velvet sofa today. And that first image, takes my breath away. I posted it recently as well. Just gorgeous.

  4. so true. i love turquoise when it reminds me of pride and prejudice and queen elizabeth. ps. love the blog

  5. I love blues and all sahdes. Particularly turquoise. One of my favorite ones is how your wall of top pic looks on my laptop. I have it in a very darkturquoise smokey blue. I am not sure what the name of the color would be. I would love to see ideas on the use of it. I found a christmas tree skirt one year and I was in heaven. I hope to try and match up some paint one of these days.

    I just do colors I like, heack with fads.



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