Monday, February 22, 2010

All I need...

I'm working on a shoot with the generally awesome (and super organized) art director, MaryAlice Eckart this week.  We start shooting in Portland next week and i'll be up there for two weeks at least (don't panic, i'm sure there is internet in Portland, nothing can ever keep me from blogging).  So psyched.  These photos are inspiration shots for the shoot that MaryAlice sent to me.  I'm actually designing/building large sets for a fashion catalogue but these give me the what direction in color/texture/mood that i should be going for, and I love it.  It's kinda like prop stylist foreplay.  I get all worked up; sooo excited to shop when I'm sent stuff like this.
She said they were styled by Sibella Court. not surprised.  they are awesome.
Warn the coffee shops, microbreweries and vintage stores.  Emily Henderson is on her way to P-town.


  1. Okay, your job makes me want to poke the eyes out of my job with a fork. Thank you.

    You were getting warm when you guessed I was in L.A. And by warm I mean balls hot...I'm in Phoenix! You know, like Palm Springs with less cool architecture.

  2. We've been having a lot of sunny days! Hopefully the sunshine will stick around for you!! This looks like it's going to be a great shoot.

  3. I hate you. No, just kidding, just kidding. I'm just so jealous of your job. Have fun and report back all the awesomeness you encounter.



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