Monday, March 1, 2010

bachelor flower edition...

 i love this picture.  legs were so the 80's.  stomachs were the 90's, shoulders the 2000's (or the aughts, as we are supposed to call that decade regardless of the fact that very few people know what 'aughts' means).  but legs. ah. those.... were the 80's.  pantyhose. pumps. THEY ARE BACK.
but that's not this post.  this is a flower post. 

more specifically, a farm wedding flower post. my weekly dedication Nicole, one of my best friends, who is getting married next september to one of the best guys ever.  its gonna be the shiznit. 

I would like to be at these parties.  hey, nic. you down?  you likey these flowers?
all photos from once wed.  


  1. that last table look soooooo long. I'm more into intimate wedding tables.... For my faux wedding I may never have. Yes to all the blooms though!

  2. yep, you are right, it is tooo long. good call. i just like the flowers and the green grass.
    thanks though!



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