Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pendleton Woolen Mills. i'm not shilling, i swear. just hear me out.

Sometimes you dismiss a company because you aren't their demographic and their branding doesn't do much for you.  And sometimes you are super into a company just because you are the demographic and you get sucked in by everything they do, and yet once you get it home you are a bit disappointed (muji? anyone, in the store i love love love it, but once that pretty white binder is home, by itself, without all its japanese companions in the store that help it make sense, then i find it uber boring.  ooh, i feel the same way about jcrew a lot of the time, all those frilly shirts on the models look amazing and modern, but when i get them home they look dowdy and make me look like a 12 year old going to an easter brunch). woah. i digress.

Anyway, Pendleton, who i worked for the last couple weeks is one of the companies that i always knew was a good one (american made, all quality, family owned for 130 years, OREGON!! - all awesome) but not convinced it was 'for me'.  When it is all together in the catalogue or store i think it's 'nice', but it just doesn't seem to fit my style and weather.  They are not unnoticed.  The top shot is of the line that opening ceremony did with pendleton.  They have also collaborated with Hurley, Nike and Comme Des Garcon.  not bad. So, after spending a couple weeks with the product I have found a few things that i'm savin' up fer:
i know.  i know. they are f-ing rad, beautifully made, bad a**, authentic boots.  be warned, they are a pretty penny.  but they are even prettier boots that will last forever.  here s the link.

This mens slim vintage fit shirt is awesome, too. It looks a bit serious for me on the model, but they are cotton, not wool and are more affordable than the wool ones.  picture him just cruising around on a bike in prospect park. 

And the two blankets up top are super, super pretty.  The big grey one with the cross (the san miguel) is amazing, and heavy enough to keep you warm in a snowstorm - which is why everyone in alaska, Aspen, Tahoe, Mount Hood, etc buys Pendleton.  Its more of a bed blanket than a throw, fyi, its heavy thick whool; the graphic is super modern.  The one next to it is super simple, pretty and warm.

Again, please don't think that i'm schilling because i worked for them (and hope to again).  I was just surprised at how much I wanted some of their product, being way younger than their target demographic and being a total city girl.   A lot of their stuff doesn't suit my style and my weather, but these do.  oh, and i'll take a couple of the lambs from their ranch that i showed here too.


  1. love this post. all of it--so true!!

  2. hey hey hey! it's cool you wrote about pendleton. i've been coveting that san miguel blanket. i think it is going to be mine soon! xx. m

  3. Weird. I live a few towns away from the mill and have never been. But I'm loving the style on the top models. Not sure I could pull it off, but well done Pendleton.

  4. First let me just say that I am no longer mad at you for putting up the most awesome pair of boots I've seen in a long time. Seriously, the image has stayed tucked in the back of my mind since I first saw them. The price was a bit..uhm, pricey, but I L-O-V-E-D them. So, I bit the bullet and placed the order. An hour later, I surfed the web just in case I found something close or remotely similar. WELL, I hit the jack pot. I found the exact boots at 6PM.COM for 1/2 price. Yep, you heard me, half price. I'm giddy...this never happens to me. I stopped the other order (which was on backorder anyway) and placed a new order (which will arrive in 2 days). So just thought I'd share in case someone else out there wanted them as badly as I did, but without so much of a splurge. :-)Jeana



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