Monday, March 15, 2010

Rugs. they really tie the room together. Dude.

After a rug shopping weekend with my L.A. B.F. a few weeks ago, i knew that a rug post was inevitable.   I could go on and on posting picture after picture of rugs that cost more than i would pay ransom for my cat.  But instead, i'm going to highlight some of my favorites for under $1000 (and in case you are curious, I would go up to $17,000 for bearcat, but not a penny more).  And i know, $1000 is still a bundle of money, but rugs are just spendy (go vintage persian, craigslist, etc and you can get some deals, like mine.)

This one above is i think Madelein Weinrib, and it's over the budget for this post, but here are some below that have the same feel and impact, with less pressure on the old wallet, (or money clip if you are a gentleman, or piggy bank if you are a child in which case you should  probably not be thinking about rug choices so much, go have fun, build a fort, stop reading design blogs)
crate and barrel, ringo rug  $199-$899

left Ikea jorun  right Ikea stockholm

West Elm 'Sweater Rug'

I just saw that their grey and white version of this rug (which I like a lot too,) is being discontinued and is on sale right now, I bought it with my friend Nicole's house and its a big hit.

It's ironic that i just complained about the ubiquitious black and white trend, and look what I did.  
I'm a huge fan of sisal rugs too, or natural jute rugs. like so:

 For me, if you are not going to get a pattern, then its nice to at least add a texture - like in the sweater rug or these jutes.  Although these jutes or sisals aren't exactly the lay around on the floor and watch tv kind of rugs - they are pretty scratchy and have no give - a particular taste, for sure.  But they are pretty durable, stain resistant, etc.

And no, i don't work for ikea or west elm or  C and B, they are just the best companies that still make affordable rugs.  There is a reason chains are successful, because they can mass manufacture for cheap.  If someone knows of a smaller company that makes ready to buy rugs for under $1000, let me know I would love to promote them more.  Until then, i'm ikeas, west elms and crate and barrels little lackey.


  1. Eileen Fisher for Garnet Hill does some nice, natural, neutral options. Not expensive. My favorite is the Recycled-Leather rug:

  2. I'm getting creeped out. Same name. Same rug files (I'm not kidding, you'd not believe this file on my desk top, it's like you used it for your post). You've got good taste, sister.

  3. I have jute rugs in my entryway...and i prefer them in that area...they are pretty durable for sure. :)))



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