Thursday, March 11, 2010

Black and white and read all over - well not exactly read 'all over' but a couple people anyways...

hayzoos chreesto, these stools are rad.  Does anyone know who makes them or where they are from?  I'm almost positive that i can't afford them (again, I have a LOT of  money, tons!, swimming in it! Scrooge McDuck style, like which-trustfund-do-i-withdraw-from-today, kinda rich).  But I would kill for these stools.  I got these pictures from emma's blog.  and per usual they are super pretty.   Sidenote:  Her blog is quickly becoming one of my all time favorites. where does she find all these pretty pics?  check todays post out, she posted some more, to die for pictures (or cry for if you are unlike  me and can't afford to have interiors like these...pity for you)

I like this huge black and white trend, i appreciate how classic it is, how simple it is, etc etc, but sometimes I want to rebel and paint my walls turquoise or cover them in blue wallpaper.
It makes me kinda want to do something less perfect, less sophisticated....anyone agree?


  1. Emma's blog is one of my daily musts. Seriously, how rad is her style? Gotta love the Swedes. AND, I just found 4 of those Wegner Wishbone chairs for a such a steal I almost peed(too much info?). Makes the fact that my home is now punctuated by far more dining chairs than diners seem totally sensible.

  2. so funny you just said that. i just finished a post (to be published next week, long story) about the wegner chairs, and how i'm not into the new blue ones, but have always and will always be obsessed with the originals. Did you buy them? i must know what 'such a steal' is. green with envy.

  3. what is that contraption in the last photo? Looks like some dark ages torture device



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