Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cindy DiPrima, Part Deaux

Really quick: These are some of Cindy Diprima's interiors. I don't know who shot the first one, sorry, anonymous talented photographer. A pine cone has never looked so pretty. Very often when a client asks for pine cones for fall shoots, one gets scared knowing that almost ALWAYS pine cones look like poop, literally. You try to convince them that we should maybe paint them white or perhaps bring other options, and inevitably you don't end up using them because, again, they look like feces. But not this one, nope. It just looks rad.

Also, I know for a fact this story was shot 7-8 years ago, way before 'all-things-antler' were hot, and it still stands up as just a pretty wooden sculpture. Timeless, considering these are adorning the walls of many-a-trendy restaurant in most urban city in the U.S. right now (which doesn't bother me, by the way, i'll take old-timey taxidermy to pretentious lounges any day).

Annie Schlecter shot the 'dresser' story for Domino in a brownstone in Brooklyn.   The blue velvet chair in the second dresser picture is from Ochre, and the moroccan rug from is from ABC Carpet and Home (I'm pretty sure, although it was 6 years ago).
I'll take one of each please.
The 'mother and daughter' story (also for Domino, huge sigh..) was shot by Francois Dischinger, who is one funny mo-fo.  I especially love the impact of the branches - so much bang for your buck.  And that wire chandelier is so quiet, but makes the room.  Whoever says white is boring needs to check themselves.  This is totally classic.

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