Wednesday, January 13, 2010

no, i won't make my bed, thank you.

ok, this kind of styling isn't for everyone. it's like being vegeterian.  some people are super into it and can't get enough, and to others it just doesn't make sense.  'Why would you take a picture of an unmade bed and haphazard lamp where the unplugged cord gets the most attention?'  a meat eater would ask.  well, i'm a vegeterian, in this case, and the answer is because i want to be in that picture.  it's sexier. looser, more interesting than a perfectly made bed.   granted a lot of it has to do with the photography, the light, and the context - the story they are selling.  i feel like the whole vibe is 'come hither' rather than 'go ahead and try to untuck my hospital corners with your feet, i dare you.' vibe. and i much prefer the former. (Although i will say that i'm not super into the writing on the inside of the shade of the one on the right, it reminds me too much of all the sentences that people are painting on their walls right now.)

but i'm always into an unmade bed, which by the way is inspiring me to cancel that new years resolution to make my bed, i'm going back to being this person instead.  

But it is kind of the anti-styling, the 'let's make it look like there was no stylist' kind of styling.   In New York i worked on Garnet Hill catalogue, with the could-not-be-more-fabulous soft good stylist Steven Whitehead.  He styled both beds above, I did the props for the one on the right (shot by Mikkel Vang) not sure who did the left.  Both beds i want to get in, and that to me, is a successful bed shot.  kudos, steve.

p.s. in case you are wondering who i'm listenening to while blogging today, it's Edward Sharpe and the magnetic Zero's.   and it's working.

top left photo from Sibella court's book,
top right photo - mikkel vang


  1. I agree, it's tough to make the bed daily. I love your work..just found your blog. So excited!

  2. VERY CUTE blog!! Love it!!


  3. love these unmade beds with simple lighting and grey walls! Roberta

  4. I just found this through your Design Star post so I'm way late to the game, but might I say for any sole eyeball that may read this: I just ordered a Garnet Hill comforter, and when I unwrapped it, saw that it had "Garnet Hill" printed in a sneaky off-white all over the thing. Of course that was not mentioned nor did it show up in the picture in the catalog. I ran screaming back to the post office and returned it. Garnet Hill did apologize to me for what I explained was an inappropriate attempt at product placement in my own bedroom, but still. Lamesauce.

  5. I think comforters too, if they are rignt can work, though that is not the point, just pull them up add the pillows just right and wow, it's the reason you got the comforter, cause it shows so pretty. and you walk off with a smile on your face, cause it looks so pretty.

    I did just want to say, sometimes you can try so hard to sell your perspective, it comes back to bite you.

    It is all about the viewers perspective. If they are fad followers/ die hards/ sheep in human clothing, which actually keeps the design world moving [ahh ] selling etc. Then another perspective is similar following certain ideas. If the psrspective is one of a kind, like mine lots of times or some of us grannies at home, it differs. Like what is coming up next week with Michel. Where he trashes some grany design. Do you? And he loses the granny votes. Our perspectives our views. etc. are different than others.

    It doesn't matter that much though to me, don't worry. If it did we would have changed long time ago. Though I am a tough sell, I can change steps to the better new design.



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