Tuesday, January 19, 2010

kick it in the walls.

So I don't really 'do bold' in my own apartment.  I used to, oh, boy did I used to.  My apartment in college was basically a burlesque house.  BUT,  I still wear bold, fo shizzle. Sometimes I have to pretend that it's not me in the mirror and I ask myself, "If I saw a person wearing this on the street, would I think she was crazy?"  For instance, the floral mumu's (70's, not African) with ankle socks, ballet flats and a striped cardigan - all vintage, of course.  I often answer 'eh...nope', but Brian normally answers 'yea, but just a little bit crazy', and then I take off the ankle socks, both of them.

Anyway, I had to source a ton of wallpaper last week for a job and I stumbled upon these awesome bold patterns by Osbourne and Little.  The scale is huge, (see below, ignore the inexcusable styling)

I like all the colors, but I would put the bright ones in a hallway or guest bath, and I could do the grey and white one on my headboard wall in my bedroom.  like so:

Here are some more:  perhaps even more awesomer and bolder.

These have the same scale- huge- the tulip is a foot tall.  But, be warned these are not for the faint of heart, they are metallic - not the whole pattern, just the background is a shiny silver.   I love them all, but would get sick of them very quickly unless I just put them, again, in a hallway, entryway, bathroom or small accent wall (like that shot in my last post with the pink curtains.)

Love the green/silver, but I would definitely go for the grey.
Or just  frame one, in a huge frame, like 4x6 or 6x8 - just leaning against a wall.  Somehow that intimidates me less; not as much commitment I guess.
These are just my opinions, and I'm a little bit crazy, and completely sleep deprived.  and I wear mumu's with ankle socks.  Ok, I actually never left the house, and perhaps that 's because I look like a pregnant little girl.  Not exactly the look I what to be rockin.

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